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Uncle_Dracula on 08/26/2012 at 05:36PM

Underground for 20 Years

I have not been as active on the FMA, since recently getting married and spending a lot of my time writing and playing in my new band, Torture Architect.

Our first gig will be a FREE SHOW celebrating the 20th Anniversary of NJ's Hardcore band, Rest Assured? (also singer Jay's 40th Birthday). Jay also operates Roacho 13 Records, releasing tapes, vinyl, and CDs since the early 90's, along with putting on shows, many charitable, and mostly all-ages for as many years.

"Torture Architect, featuring former members of Tyrannosaurus Dracula, Animal Blood and featuring The Wizard Of Gore, explores the Reptilian alien agenda via experimental heavy thrash punk reminiscent of D.C.'s United Mutation, or the early years of The Accüsed."

Friday, September 9th with...

Rest Assured?

Dead Serious (featuring Ryan Bland of Home 33)

@ "the BLVD"  401 Boulevard in Elmwood Park, NJ 9PM 21+



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Uncle_Dracula on 06/04/2012 at 01:14AM

Backyard Mosh

This one's a good-time punk party to make those old teenagers dizzy and sweaty again... hell, it's for you teens attenuated by nowadays too! Turn it up, let's slam, pogo, and lose control. Here's a house full of punks ready for volume, Ma & Pop are away for the weekend, goodbye lawn! A full listen will result in cold pizza for tomorrow's breakfast.

-Uncle Dracula

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