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Boutique licensing platform operating a fixed rate card price. Have a browse and discover why you should join us today. 

Recent Clients: Reebok | My Liz as Liz | Clarro Mobile | Nike | Levis | Absolut | One Tree Hill...

We look forwards in hearing from you. 

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on 03/29/2012 at 08:52PM
Welcome everyone, We are about to take off out of São Paulo in Brazil with Sync Originals. A online music licensing platform based on a fixed rate card. We have been working with sync till then via a boutique publishing company and music consultacy firm (©urve)music™, out of London in the UK. We would like to hear from you in case you wish to further exploit the soundtracks sitting on your hard-drives. All genres welcome. Sync Originals | For serious artists only!