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Steve Combs is an instrumental artist who has composed a whole lot of songs. A proponent of Creative Commons licenses and free music, a fan of weird music, and designer of weird art. Thanks for stopping by.

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Anthology [Discs 1 & 2]
Steve Combs - "+32" (02:37)
Steve Combs - "+32" (02:37)

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Stevecombsmusic on 03/18/2018 at 08:14PM

Patreon/Steve Combs Premium

Free and free-use music has been at the heart of everything I've done for the past few years, and I'm both proud of the work I've done and extremely grateful to everyone who's been receptive to it.

I'm launching a Patreon because I wanted to give all those people who've supported my music a chance to get more involved, and a chance to support my work directly. I get emails from people all the time asking if they can pay me to use my music, and I always tell them it's not necessary, thanks to Creative Commons licensing. So I've never made a dime from my music, and while that means it's more accessible, it also means that I can't work on it as much as I'd like to. With your support, I'll be able to create much more music much more efficiently than I otherwise could.

That's why I'm launching Steve Combs Premium, a song-a-week series, as a reward and an incentive for your patronage. Every week, supporters will get a brand-new song to download (and use in their projects) before its available anywhere else. Only $3 per month gives you exclusive access to 52 songs a year, plus occasional bonus tracks, as well as an exclusive podcast rounding up my favorite free-use tracks from around the internet.

Visit my Patreon to get involved!

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steve combs, patreon
Stevecombsmusic on 03/26/2017 at 05:55PM

Anthology: The Definitive Best of Steve Combs

Anthology is a 60-song retrospective of my work.

Hello FMA!

I'm very excited to announce the release of Anthology, a 4-disc, 60-song retrospective of my work. This compilation covers each of my albums, from 2014's The Sun is Rising to the just-released Etaoin Shrdlu, as well as my collaborations with other artists (like The Freeharmonic Orchestra) and other odds and ends from my catalog. It was something of a challenge to compress over 300 songs into a compilation 1/5 the size, but I think the finished product really is the best of what I've done, so please do check it out!

You can download Anthology as one big album from, as individual discs from Bandcamp, or listen to it as two mixes right here on the Free Music Archive.

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nozze: foto e musica
on 05/23/2016 at 02:42PM
I would never get used to somebody literally stealing my songs. Did you solve this problem?