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Artists: Soularflair

Soularflair is the brainchild of Adam Mannering. Not limited by genre, Souarflair has composed music in the vein of progressive rock, metal, classical, experimental, soundtrack, electronica, glitch-hop, jazz, ambient and more...often mixed within the same track. Soularflair music has been described as “intense”, “passionate”, “deep”, “cathartic”, & “profound”. Soularflair is on the BLUE PIE RECORDS artist roster, and his music has been licensed for projects such as the sci-fi film "Silicon Spies", the TV pilot "Australian Ghost Stories", an industrial documentary for the German company "Takraf" and more.For licensing requests and all other queries please email adam@

Please do not use Soularflair music for your projects without  permissions or license from the author, Adam Mannering. Even though all Soularflair music is released under a "Creative Commons no derivatives no commercial" license, any commercial soundtrack use MUST be cleared, credited and paid through Adam Mannering. Thank you for listening.



While I am happy to provide my music here, for free (for NON-commercial purposes ONLY) , if you would like to support me as an artist, at no cost to you, using my Amazon affiliate link is a great means to do so.

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