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Schemawound is the solo electronic project by J.Siemasko. Free from the constraints of genre Schemawound is able to evolve and change with every release.

I have had albums released by Subterranean TideVuzh MusicWaxen WingsDystimbria and Xylem Records. Most of my albums are available for free or “name your price” download. Most of my current material is made in RenoiseReaper and Supercollider but I have used a vast variety of software and hardware on previous projects. I am an active participant in the Disquiet Junto.

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Schemawound on 06/27/2014 at 02:38PM

Time Becomes A Loop.

My new album “A Young Person’s Guide To Time Travel” will be released on 7/7/14 as a free download. The album is a 30 minute electronic work based on the classic manual by Bernard Meany (1882 - 1721). Each track is based on a different chapter from the book.


1. Have You Ever Seen A Portal? 2. A Brief History Of Time Machines 3. Your First Wormhole 4. All You Will Need For Your Journey 5. How To Recognize a Closed Timelike Curve 6. Maintaining Personal Continuity 7. Should You Become Lost

Prior to release the album will be played in two parts by The Lion 90.7 FM WKPS in Pennsylvania. Part one will be 6/29 and part two will be 7/6 during the Altered State program (5 - 8 PM). The broadcast can also be streamed via

Follow @djtimkai and @thelionaltered for more info

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Schemawound on 06/13/2014 at 04:12PM

I Meant To Break Your Will, Never Your Heart

Recently I released an album entitled “I Meant To Break Your Will, Never Your Heart”. This album was originally finished in October of 2013 and was scheduled to be my first physical release. Due to various issues the album has sat dormant during that time. With the release for physical product still several months off I have decided that I would prefer to get the album out an into the world as soon as I was able. I realize this release comes very shortly after my last album “Come On, Ghost." but I believe the two albums represent polar opposites.

I believe this album represents some of my heaviest and noisiest material to date. The album is mostly composed of bitwise operations in Supercollider with some additional production in Reaktor and Reaper.

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