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Welcome to Section 27. We are an independent netlabel based in Scotland, UK who strive to bring you what we believe are utterly essential underground electronic sounds that both stimulate the senses and don't conform to conventional listening. All releases through S27 are Creative Commons by-nc-nd licensed and free to download.




S27 on 04/03/2012 at 05:54PM

Nonima - "Jinx" now released via Mitoma Industries

The material featured on Jinx was created and synthesised from the same DNA as Morphism (released Sept. 2011), and conceived to be heard as a companion to that album rather than a standalone release. Follows and expands on from the sonic pallette created on the former release, Jinx may be his strongest work yet.

Featuring new material and twisted reinterpretations by Mitoma, Johnny Jitters, Noumen and Dissolved.

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S27 on 12/10/2011 at 05:24PM

theAudiologist - long awaited new album "Idios Kosmos" now released

It's been sometime since theAudiologist's "Question Everything", and followup "Ophiuchi" which was released on the EOS netlabel in 2010. In between then and now he has concentrated his efforts as the driving force behind Altered:Carbon and Mitoma, both parallels to his solo work and brilliantly "Idios Kosmos" draws such experience gained in these ventures and applies them to his existing palletes, creating a brilliant "dark vs light" dual atmosphere all over this album.

Melodic elements are the skeletal framework of Idios Kosmos, with splintered glitchy hip-hop beats and hyper-edited effects carrying the listener along for the ride into interstellar landscapes. Also features a remix of "Jinx" originally produced by Nonima, theAudiologist's take on the track nurtures it into more fragile sounding territory, and in return gets remix treatment on "Opasenye", twisting the frailty of the original into an electronic stomper of ever evolving percussion and uplifting synths.

It may have been a while, but hell was it worth it... Welcome back.

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