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Rocco_Granata_1176 on 09/24/2018 at 06:10AM

Rocco Granata - Modern Times

Modern Times is second musical work by Rocco Granata, italian composer based in Rome. This release contains 5 tracks. The first two songs In my Bed and Change me are sung by LeoWood. The fourth song is a remix of song Lullaby contained in the album Works. The tracks Daedalus and People Live In A Box are written for piano and cello. As in the previous work, a pianist and a cello player have contributed to the album recording. The nicknames they've chosen are Thomas Munz (piano), a homage to Thomas Müntzer, historical figure of the 16 th century and one of the protagonists of Luther Blisset's novel “Q”, and Lita Rodcenko (cello), which is a made up name. Lita, as a homage to Lita Ford, metal guitarist, and Aleksandr Rodcenko, artist and father of the Russian constructivism. For more information go to



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