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on 11/19/2016 at 09:43PM
você sabe o que acontece se vc digitar "/." (retira as aspas) na barra de endereço do vivaldi?
on 10/24/2016 at 09:32PM
we are hiring translators. are you by any chance interested? from english to portuguese - pt_br
on 08/18/2016 at 02:37AM
Oh, how many motifs of joy you gave me through this message. The language used here, you know, is the world wide one. Can all be blessings for all. Especially to your sister, who is music artist and very meaningful for you.
on 08/17/2016 at 04:05PM
dear Vivaldi partner, i am in doubt: should i write in our idioma or in the world wide idioma? anyway, i am glad to find this place due to your generous tip. that link touched not only my feelings, it also affected my sister's memories. soon i will build my profile. as for now, all i have to say it: many thanks. hugs ps: about the age, that means your are 75 year old younger
on 04/03/2015 at 11:07PM
Although my age, 75, I decided to sign up. The motif is the good impression I am having about the site and its actuation. As I am Brazilian, I translate what I wrote above: Apesar da minha idade, 75 anos, eu decidi me inscrever. Devido à boa impressão que estou tendo do site e de sua atuação.