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Peppermill is a totally non-profit netlabel that organizes a lot of themed project with a variety of artists, as well we hold a small annual music festival up top a different mountain every summer.  And one day we plan to build an island out of empty pop bottles strung together underneath pallets, covered with dirty and vegetation and mangrove trees on which we'll build Peppermill Headquarters and float from sea to shining sea spreading the love...


PK on 12/16/2010 at 12:00AM

Vistas and Voyagers - Peppermill's 2010 Netaudio Favorites

A musical junket through 2010, a year in which freely downloadable music really spread its wings. Through the ears of someone picking pine cones in the Canadian north in minus twenty celcius with only his iPod and his battery-powered socks to keep him warm.

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PK on 07/27/2010 at 10:07AM

it came from the stars

A race of hyper-beings come to a violent planet devoid of life. The air is thick with sulfur dioxide and the sky is black with the ash of volcanic eruptions. Meteor showers line the horizon. A giant black pyramid rises out of the ocean. The hyper-beings become lines and enter the pyramid which begins vibrating. A hole opens up in the  clouds overhead and the tremors of pyramid create massive tidal waves that wash over the land. The seas grow calm and algae glows in the waters. The hyper-beings vanish in a blinding flash.

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