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Ooogoodie on 11/05/2013 at 11:39PM


About Artist: Minou Kincaid     mixed-media on canvas and paper photography digital art graphic art graphic design website design Description mixed media on canvas and paper, photography works for sale at:AFC - Art for Conservation
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Ooogoodie on 11/03/2013 at 08:25PM




m3galleryStudio supports AFC - Art For Conservation



The problem with promoting Conservation is that it's usually done by presenting a series of scientific facts and statistics. And, while critically important, all of those words and numbers can get pretty boring.  The viewer loses interest and the real meaning of those facts and figures fails to hit home. This is where the power of images can make a real impact.

When visual imagery is combined with written information, people begin to relate on more levels. Images make abstract concepts more tangible and have the capacity to tap into our emotions.  Art for Conservation presents artwork that delivers clear messages to both the head and the heart, celebrating the beauty of our planet as well as exposing threats to its viability. It is, truly, art with a conscience.

Art for Conservation believes in the power of art to uplift, invigorate, inspire, educate and inform. In a super-charged world, art invites us to pause, if only for a moment, and consider a different perspective. We showcase independent conservation artists whose work is distinctive and imaginative – and share with them the revenue from sales of their work.

Purchase a Print - Sustain the Planet

With each purchase from Art for Conservation, a percentage of the sale will benefit conservation causes. At Art for Conservation, our artists and our photographers have all agreed to give a portion of their proceeds to selected conservation causes. In this way, all of us together can make a small contribution and, added together, we can make a big difference.

Explore Our Site

  • Browse our gallery and find beautiful artwork. All of the proceeds from our gallery sales go to sustaining the artists and the conservation causes they promote. 
  • Read stories about the photographers and artists who have dedicated their lives to conservation and creating beautiful imagery.
  • Keep on top of the most pressing issues facing the world of conservation, especially those in which visual imagery is at the forefront of conveying the conservation message.
  • Visit with others who share your passion through our Eco-Networking site, Facebook, Twitter and our Blog.
  • Find opportunities to promote yourself as an artist and to sell your work.
  • Discover how Art for Conservation’s Printing Partnership Program can provide you or your organization with the resources you need to tell your conservation story through imagery.

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