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Northern-Spy_Records on 01/30/2013 at 12:25PM

Colin L albums up for grabs!

Click titles for album page
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Northern-Spy_Records on 03/29/2012 at 12:20PM

NOTES 2012: Friends and Heroes, Volume One notes 2012

Friends and Heroes, Volume One
notes 2012

Hello. Welcome to Friends and Heroes, Volume One. This a collection of 1 on 1 improvisations between me, Colin Langenus, and Brian Gibson, Rob Fisk, Sam Rowell, and Adam Autry.

I have been planning this comp for years, and I knew it would take years. Traveling around playing with many musicians, recording Free out noisy music, making a racket. These are my friends and these are my heroes. These musicians totally own what they are doing! They are masters!

Attention: Brian, Rob, Adam, and Sam – If you do not want to read flattering things about yourselves then do not read below!


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Northern-Spy_Records on 10/18/2011 at 05:02AM

Colin Langenus: Digitally, Systematically, and Periodically

Hey all. This is Colin L. (USAISAMONSTER, CSC Funk Band, Bullroarer, MassDist) and this is what I’m doing…

I’m working on my 2012 album entitled COL. That’s taking up most of my time. I’m thinking about it and working on it a lot. Its all getting planned in my head. And all the moves are getting made. I’m handing it off in December. Gonna take that long.

But I’m also making another album, more like a cassette, but neither. I’m gonna mix these out there outtakes and side jams and whatever new recorded gems. Weirder, maybe more noisy, less focused, not COL, looser, random, more, but just plain fun jams. Whatever I want. Having fun with our Tac board and our studio. Sorta a song a month, on the side. Sorta another record. Its all exciting to me.

NSPY is gonna release these jams digitally, systematically, and periodically on the internet for free and for ya’ll.





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Northern-Spy_Records on 08/29/2011 at 09:00AM


nspyIn celebration of its first birthday, Northern Spy proudly presents the first annual SPY MUSIC FESTIVAL in Brooklyn, NY, featuring performances by twelve bands from its label roster and a full scale pop-up record fair. The festivities will commence at the Bushwick venue Shea Stadium on Saturday October 1st and continue through to Williamsburg’s Zebulon Cafe on Sunday October 2nd. Highlights of the event will include rare New York performances by Haunted House, Dan Melchior, and the newly signed bands Neptune and Zs. The annual event will be dedicated to the true die-hard fans of underground music. For the collector, the musician and the groupie alike, the festival will present a virtual orgasm of sounds and swag. Bands playing against the backdrop of record nerds scouring the used bins and limited edition tour merch, not to mention the silk-screened Northern Spy t-shirts and commemorative event posters.

The founders of Northern Spy started their journey just twelve months ago after operating agreement negotiations with the record label ESP-Disk' fell apart and forced the idealistic staff to strike out on their own. Now with sixteen releases in the can, the young label has hurled a bold aesthetic statement into the world. With artists crossing the spectrum of musics, from free-jazz stalwart Joe Morris to no wave legend Rhys Chatham and blues guitar maverick Loren Connors. Then on to the younger generation of explorers like Boston’s Neptune and Brooklyn’s own Tom Carter, Marc Orleans and the New Music trio Zs. Finally arriving at the Americana and rock of Colin Langenus, the experimental pop of Bird Names and the fuzz-drenched garage rock of Dan Melchior. The style of the label, says founder Tom Abbs, “ not limited to one or two genres, but to sounds that challenge the listener and push boundaries, either aesthetically or politically.” SPY MUSIC FESTIVAL brings the label roster together for the first time in one place and will celebrate the diversity of musics that represent the Northern Spy brand. N-SPY’s pop-up record fair program works with New York area vinyl collectors and underground labels to bring rare stock to special locations around the Northeast. This edition will feature over two thousand pieces of vintage vinyl titles fresh for the picking, a host of local underground label titles, limited edition tour merch and back catalog titles from the Northern Spy roster artists along with the full N-SPY catalog including rare test pressings of NS 001-016.

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Northern-Spy_Records on 02/22/2011 at 03:00PM


I, Colin Langenus and my best friend Jonah Rapino put out our first cassette tape in 1994. We called our label Massive Distribution and since we have released 110 albums and counting. Our goals were simply getting our friends and our own many projects out there! I think initially I thought this would be a precursor to something greater. I really thought many of the Massdist artists were geniuses that would be discovered by the masses immediately! Jonah was never this naive. Eventually Massdist became to me essentially an archive and another reason to keep busy, releasing improv or one off bands. Massdist has given me a lot of joy.

Here are a few Massdist releases from over the years. Maybe we'll put more up here. These are some of my favorites, or just albums that I didn't have anymore and wanted to hear again.

Thanks to Jason Sigal and the FMA for the invite! And thanks to Northern-Spy Records for the help!

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Northern-Spy_Records on 02/18/2011 at 06:32PM

USAISAMONSTER at Market Hotel – Video Footage From Their “Last Show Ever”

In the summer of 2009, USAISAMONSTER played their "LAST SHOW EVER" at an absolutely packed Market Hotel. Justin Farrar summed up a common sentiment for fans of the group when he wrote in a Village Voice article, "This sucks balls, people". Now, thanks to the efforts of Jeff Halpin / Van Meter Productions, we can again experience those final moments.

the USA is A Monster: Close to Me from Jeff Halpin on Vimeo.

the USA is A Monster: Voices To Be Heard from Jeff Halpin on Vimeo.

the USA is A Monster: Frozen Rainbows from Jeff Halpin on Vimeo.

the USA is A Monster: Florida from Jeff Halpin on Vimeo.

the USA is A Monster: Skraling from Jeff Halpin on Vimeo.

the USA is A Monster: Cocaine Wedding from Jeff Halpin on Vimeo.

the USA is A Monster: Grey Owl from Jeff Halpin on Vimeo.

the USA is A Monster: No More Forever from Jeff Halpin on Vimeo.

Check out pictures from the gig via Impose Magazine. Check out pictures from the gig via Brooklyn Vegan Justin Farrar's article "God Bless the USA is a Monster" published in the Village Voice THE LAST ALBUM IS AVAILABLE NOW ON CD AND LP!

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Northern-Spy_Records on 01/04/2011 at 09:31AM

Adam's Top Ten Performances of 2010

1) William Basinski's performance of 'Vivian and Ondine' at 110 Livingston (Brooklyn, NY)

The significance of this gig was already apparent before the lights dimmed and William Basinski stepped behind his table for a performance of  the 2008 composition 'Vivian and Ondine'.  The first sound he made was accidental - the apple computer start-up sound.  Drawing chuckles from the crowd, it was a harsh, sharp attack opposite his cathartic, glacially unraveling tape loops.  Behind Basinski, the Joshua Light Show 'liquid lights' highlighted the beautiful interior of the 110 Livingston building, Issue's future home.


2) Sir Richard Bishop at Zebulon (Brooklyn, NY)

During his 4 week residency at Zebulon, Rick performed a mixed bag of exotic, instrumental guitar songs and classic, surreal story-songs from the SCG catalog.  I attended 3 out of 4 of the shows including one in which he was accompanied by the incredible Bill Orcutt.  To be frank, it was too hot and sweaty to enjoy that one.  I believe it was his opening night that Bishop played 'Eyeball in a Quart Jar of Snot'.  INCREDIBLE!  He asked if there were any requests to which I quickly shouted "play Nancy" drawing a smirk and a "NO".

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Northern-Spy_Records on 12/20/2010 at 05:18PM

Spy LIVE Music Series Presents: Loren Connors/Margarida Garcia, American Sphinx, Ancient Ocean + Guests!

Poster was designed by Sara K. Mills

Live at Zebulon in Brooklyn. December 29th, 2010, 9PM. Free!  RSVP on Facebook

Northern Spy Records Presents: Loren Connors/Margarida Garcia American Sphinx + Tom Carter Ancient Ocean + Daniel Carter

Free Show starts at 9

Ancient Ocean is the brainchild of acid-folk turned ambient/drone artist John Bohannon from Brooklyn, NY. Building from silent humming tones, guitar melodies and delicate tonal drones envelope into lush soundscapes. Moods are similar to Stars of the Lid and various solo works of Kawabata Makoto, but carry their own majestic quality. John Bohannon is also the curator of Electric Temple Records. His debut recording “I” is out now on Expo 70’s Sonic Meditations label. He will be joined by special guest Daniel Carter.

American Sphinx is one of many projects by New Thing Productions founder Michael Hentz. This Syracuse/Ithaca duo features Jarek Miller on drums along with Michael on guitar, loops and flute. Their music combines elements of free jazz, psychedelic noise, and raga drones. They will be joined by special guest Tom Carter on guitar. Tom Carter is a guitar player best known for his work with acclaimed psych-drone iconoclasts Charalambides. Since 2000, however, he has become increasingly active as not only a solo artist but as a collaborator. He has performed with improvising musicians as diverse as Thurston Moore, Jandek, Tetuzi Akiyama, Matt Valentine, and many others, as well as being a key member in groups like Badgerlore (with Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance), Friday Group, Mudsuckers (with Robert Horton and the Yellow Swans), and Zaika (with Marcia Bassett of Double Leopards and Hototogisu).

Guitarist Loren Connors was born in New Haven, Connecticut in 1949. Best known as a composer and improviser, Connors has issued over 50 guitar records on his own imprints (Daggett, St. Joan, Black Label) since the late 1970s and over two dozen on other labels across the globe. He has recorded under the names Guitar Roberts, Loren Mattei, Loren MazzaCane Connors and other variations. Connors' singular adpation of the blues is a distinct personal vision combining the Delta bottleneck sound and the ancestral blues voice (appearing as distortion, baying hounds or multi-tracked guitar), with hauntingly unexpected sounds. Outside of Connors' three decades of solo work, he has collaborated with Suzanne Langille, Jim O'Rourke, Darin Gray, Alan Licht, Christina Carter, Keiji Haino, San Agustin, Jandek and many others, as well as leading the group Haunted House. Loren will be joined with Margarida Garcia on stage.

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