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Pleased to make your acquaintance.  I am a WFMU DJ/blogger.  I also book shows in NYC and write freelance for some other places.  These things make me happy. 

My hobbies include watching David Attenborough wander through the rainforest.

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Nat_Roe on 11/26/2010 at 03:30PM

Robedoor Live at WFMU (mp3s)

IMG_4729 A couple weeks back LA noise titans slash cultural lynchpins Robedoor did me the honor of recording a live session in WFMU's studios during a rare and excessively brief East Coast tour. Although Robedoor began as a two-piece drone band with dozens of releases on just about every cool noise label out there, the recent addition of Geddes Gengras as a drummer has brought the band closer to the unholy realm of doom metal.

Alex Brown supplied (among other things) keyboard riffs that form the backbone of the jams - his rig is so bass heavy that I actually couldn't tell whether he was up too loud in the mix or whether the floor was just shaking. Britt Brown played guitar and vocals, with a slew of pedals to throw off any semblence of the concept of a "song". The track "I thought you were the Devil" is off Robedoor's recent LP on Important Records, Burners. Parallel Wanderer, by far the longest track in this session, will appear as a full side of a yet untitled upcoming LP. This seems to be following Robedoor's usual method of writing songs: jamming it out with live improv until the completed song idea emerges from the murky depths.

IMG_4727Or maybe the secret to Robedoor's success is putting beer in every meal they eat? Alex runs an excellent and hilarious food blog called Hot Knives that seems to indicate a predilection for hoppy breakfast dishes. Speaking as somebody who loves nothing more than the rhetoric of high end menus, the Hot Knives archives are great because you get classy dishes with rock and roll commentary. For god's sake, he teaches you how to make the "über pre-choucroute", Kimchi from scratch!

Then again, Robedoor's ability to touch on a hundred genres at one is probably because Robedoor members are so involved with underground noise culture. Britt Brown runs Not Not Fun records, which has released a ton of material from many perennial WFMU favorites. I'd explain more, but there really aren't words. I'd recommend blasting this live session over your best sound system while nerding out to lists of releases from Not Not Fun and Robedoor on discogs.

Thanks to Jason Sigal for these photos and for help with engineering the recording.

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Nat_Roe on 08/11/2010 at 11:45PM

Music and the Cosmos: PC Worship and the Saga of Solar Violence

Story by Taraka Larson

Forget what you have heard about chill wave, kill wave, no wave, new wave— this week’s theme is SOLAR DEATH WAVE. On Tuesday, there was a coronal mass ejection from a sunspot the size of earth aimed directly towards our fragile spinning planet, causing a “solar tsunami” to race 93 million miles across space. Lucky for us our protective magnetic shield displaced the explosion and transformed it into the most awe-inspiring aurora borealis of the century, but more “solar violence” is predicted to occur as the week goes on. Scientists say there is a slight chance that a potentially major solar eruption capable of destroying satellites and wrecking power and communications grids around the globe could occur TODAY, AUGUST 5th 2010.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, whether this proves to be true (in which case you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now) or not, PC WORSHIP is here to provide the score to cosmic battle zone. Allow them to imagine the most insane possible hypothetical situation.

Drop the needle. Side A. Live Reduxion, PC Worship’s latest 7” EP (co-released earlier this year on Shdwply + World War Records) begins this scenario on a deceptively sunny note; hazy beams of warm fuzz radiate across a beachy dance floor of multiple guitar riffs gliding together to a timeless surf-rock beat, sparkling with confidence, trembling with vulnerability, swooning at each other, bumping into each other, exchanging awkward exchanges through palm fronds, laughing at the present through the tears of the past, and overall creating an Eden of nostalgia where love can be created and resurrected anew again.

Then all of a sudden a foot-full of sand gets kicked in your eyes. The guitars screech to a halt, their playful choreography frozen by skull-pounding drums warning of impending doom. The sun that has felt so nice and warm on your skin seems to grow exceedingly hotter and brighter until gradually the godhead above is enveloped in a hairnet of fire and the air grows dense and thick with celestial hell. Suddenly, a cloak of blackness drops over the surface of the globe. In a single flash, the past 150 years of modern discoveries in the fields of electricity, internet, and telecommunications is rendered obsolete. The guitars soon lose all sense of time and poise and begin hailing their own mortality in a squealing celebration of the chaos about to ensue as Justin Frye’s monotone voice chants “wake up in the dark and there’s nothing going on”.

Switch to side B. “Salvic Garden, Prophecies of Hell” returns us to this paradisaical Eden that opened the EP only now we find it in a state of infernal decay, inhabited by mutant guitars dragged across the beach by monster trucks with bleary-eyed recollections of James Byrd. “Gravity” pulls us inward toward the center of the record and deeper into its post-apocalyptic--Island of Dr. Moreau—style visions of madness. Frye chants “they were all dead, they were all dead” in a dramatic last gasp at a lo-fi pop song that dips back and forth into the sinking tidal pool of noise and structural amnesia held together by fist-pumping power chords that offer a thread of hope before trailing off into a shredding oblivion. Thus, PC WORSHIP, a self-proclaimed “mutant soul band” is born to venerate the drugged-out memory of PCs and other myriad artifacts of the long lost era of electronic communication before they were wiped out by the solar wars of 2010 A.D. Their resulting sonic temple is truly worthy of devotion.

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