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Mikkie_Mills on 07/12/2019 at 09:08PM

Technology To Help You Make Music

Music has been being made for decades now. Even before technology was as advanced as it is today. The technology may not have been as advanced as it is today. However, the music was still amazing and enjoyable. Nowadays, this new technology helps create music that is out of this world. The technology has advanced and, so has the music. This advanced technology makes creating music super easy. There is no doubt the new technology has elevated musical capabilities. We would not have been able to reach the heights we have in music without this advanced technology. Technology is one of the main factors that improved the music. 



Browsing the internet is why most people use laptops. New features allow musicians to create and save music on them. Well, what is a csv file and music maker jam app used to do? A CVS file is for saving your music files after you finish making it. The music maker jam app is for playing around with sounds to create music. New technology makes creating music simple and easy. Using a laptop prevents you from losing your written music. You feel safe when creating music with a laptop. New technology like, laptops have improved music-making. 


Digital Keyboard

A new instrument that musicians and music producers use is the digital keyboard. This invention makes older versions useless. These keyboards not only come with a piano they come with different sound options. You can also record on these keyboards making creating a song quick and easy. If you have a song pop in your head you hit record and go. Before you know it you have a hit record ready to be heard. Features like this make the digital keyboard essential to new age music-making. Producer and musicians would have a hard time without it.


Digital Audio Workstation

People would ask since there isn't paper to write your music where is it recorded. A digital audio workstation is used to record music. The audio is recorded and pops up on the digital screen of the workstation. Musicians use this to edit their songs. You can use the digital audio workstation to take two songs and bring them together to make one. Producers use the digital audio workstation to give music that professional sound. The digital workstation is what brings everything together and creates your masterpiece. Technology does most of the work with the right producers you can't make bad music. 


Electric drum kit

Drums have been at the center of music since music started. Drums give music rhythm and something to connect too. Some would say the heart of music is a drum. Taking a regular drum and making it electric multiplied this feeling. The kit included every kind of drum which sound great on a song. They are just as easy to record as other notes in the studio. The studio equipment prevents the drums from overpowering. The elevation in music is all because of this kind of technology. The drum kit is easily one of the most effective.



Music has always been great but, it has elevated; Taking the mistakes of the past and fixing them. Technology has taken old inventions and made them new. Music sounds brand new because of technology. There has never been a better day to be a musician. The technology we have makes it simple. Knowing how much technology has changed music, people are worried that it will keep changing. People are right. It will keep changing for the better. The elevation of music and technology will only get better. So, sit back and enjoy the music.

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Mikkie_Mills on 07/12/2019 at 03:43PM

How Musicians Can Benefit From Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural herbs that can help musicians with a number of ailments, from stiff joints and protecting your singing voice to memorizing the music you will be playing, using the right oil is critical to helping in all of this.


Able to be purchased at grocery stores and health food stores, essential oils do not require a prescription to benefit from their powers. Because they are all natural, they are safe and effective, and can easily be transported from gig to gig.

Increasing Your Memory

In order to help sharpen your mind and become better at memorizing your music, you could try taking Ginkgo Biloba or Vitamin B6. These herbs are well known as being helpful in the area of increasing memory and ensuring all the different parts of your brain are able to properly communicate with each other.


For those who have an aroma diffuser or are looking into purchasing one, a recent study has shown that rosemary essential oil may help to sharpen your memory function. Perhaps keeping rosemary oil in a diffuser next to wear you practice could offer these benefits for you.


Stiff joints

Many performers find stiff joints to be a problem for them. Spicy, warming oils can easily help to treat this stiffness and alleviate any pain felt in your hands or fingers. This can be accomplished using a variety of oils, including ginger, clove, copaiba, black pepper, peppermint, spearmint, or wintergreen. All of these options can help not only stiff hands, but also an ailing back or shoulder as well.


Dry or Calloused Hands

Aloe is a wonderful natural herb that will work wonders on dry, cracked skin. From hands to lips, aloe is not waxy, and as such will not leave a slippery film behind. This means that when you apply it, your instrument will not slip off your lips. Adding some ginger or copaiba oil could make the aloe an even better option for musicians, as it will then benefit both dry and stiff, aching skin.



Turmeric and ginger are considered to have anti-inflammatory properties and can absolutely aid in the prevention of tendonitis. However, it can take a total of two months for these effects to begin to take place, so these may be more helpful if you take them prior to feeling the symptoms of tendonitis.



Rather than depending on the powers of coffee to keep your energy levels going strong between moving equipment on and off stage, traveling from venue to venue, and still being able to give a high-energy performance, you may find Yerba mate to be a better option. This will more than likely keep you going for a longer period of time.


Save Your Singing Voice

A great way to increase your vitality is through the use of honey. Singers can especially benefit from this as it coats the throat and soothes sore and chapped lips. Honey also has antibacterial properties that offer wonderful benefits for musicians.


In addition, musicians who suffer from environmental allergies could benefit from the use of honey as it is often used to decrease the severeness of local allergies. This works through the introduction of minuscule allergens into your system, which will allow you to slowly develop an immunity to them.


All of this can be accomplished through a trusted source such as doterra cptg. Ensuring you are using trusted oils is important in order to be sure the oils are made properly and are truly all natural.             

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