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Mikel on 11/05/2012 at 08:45AM

A Tsunami of Hope

While browsing the Free Music Archive, I recently noticed a selection of the vast free catalog of the Osaka-based label Element Perspective. The "sound and design" label has been around since 2010, and works to expand the boundaries of the listening experience by publishing the most Avant-garde sounds.

One place to start exploring their work is with their Hope 2.0 compilation, conceived as a tribute to the victims of the 2011 Tsunami in Japan and the long term consequences of living in a radioactive environment.

It's exciting to see Japanese netlabels that deliver music for free undergoing an exciting moment of health and expansion, including Bunkai-Kei RecordsALTEMA Records, Shakuya Records, Mizukage Records, Hz-records, and totokoko label.

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Mikel on 12/12/2010 at 02:05PM

INQ's Best Of 2010

Music is not in crisis. Industry does. We dont care about an hypothetical inverse relationship between economy and free music, but this has been a wonderful year for netaudio.

The amount of good music and reliable netlabels is growing, so, to support and to recognize the work of some of them we have made this selection invited by the FMA.

Together with the other half of INQ, Piotr, we have dig our 2010 folders to point at 10 remarkable songs, artists, netlabels, that have fed our minds and souls with their mind and souls. Of course we could have extended this selection to a hundred tracks but we considered this is enough, mainly because there are more 'Best Of' selections over here on the FMA to discover.

Track order has been carefully selected for a better experience.

We hope you enjoy it. 

Mikel & Piotr /// INQ

Cover image courtesy from Tanya.


1. Maps & Transit - 'Ponds' (www.camomillemusic.com/)

2. Sustainer - 'Diametro' (escalared.com/)

3. Werken - 'Now I See' (www.zymogen.net/)

4. Solid-M - 'Molecular Gateway' (spontan-musik.de/)

5. Emil Klotzsch - 'Pine' (emilklotzsch.bandcamp.com/)

6. Monokle & Galun - 'Happy Sun' (www.12rec.net/)

7. Sutekh - 'The Glorious Day Has Dawned' (www.antipop.net)

8. Emanuele Errante - 'Rettifilo' (www.laverna.net)

9. mon0 - 'Lighting Between Worlds' (www.silentseason.com/)

10. Aless - 'I'm Mobile' (distancerecordings.com/)

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on 08/27/2010 at 06:48PM
Thanks! ;) S27 x
Jaan Patterson
on 08/25/2010 at 06:12PM
cheeRs Mikel! thanks for makin' it buRn¬