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Marco_Raaphorst on 10/01/2010 at 06:14AM

blackout poems with music

I like those blackout poems. They are a great way to remix newspapers and other printed stuff. It's Recycle Art and Minimalistic. Anyone can do one. It's easy.

In Holland and Belgium we call them Stiftgedichten.

I did a few myself. And liked it. But somehow last sunday I started thinking about making them differently. Then I thought about adding the things I love: spoken word & music. So *bang* that idea hit me straight away: blackout poems with the text as spoken words by someone and my music to go along with it.

On monday I did one with my daughter's voice. Her name is Puck Raaphorst. I love it. It's also easy to combine both things in a video, see my vimeo.


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Marco_Raaphorst on 05/16/2010 at 01:34PM


I noticed that when I upload a song with a filename link marco_raaphorst_-_songx.mp3 the songtitle is not extracted correctly so an url like will be the result.

So this is a reminder to self, or other people noticing this issue: change the filename before uploading.

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