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From Machtdose:

The Machtdose team is honored to be invited to the Creative Commons curation project at the Free Music Archive.


We discovered the wonderful world of netaudio and netlabels some years ago. From the start we were fond of the idea of freely distributed music and how Creative Commons gave license models for it. Since 2005 we have done a monthly podcast, presenting our favorite tracks from netlabels all over the world. The netlabel scene is so rich in terms of sounds, styles and personalities that we're always coming back for more.


Our selection highlights some of the true gems we found over the last years. We recommend not only the single tracks but especially the full albums where we have taken them from - they are all worth a full listening. Enjoy!

Eloi Brunelle - Bernard (2005)

from Psychotronic EP [Epsilonlab 14]

An ageless dancelfoor stomper. You shouldn't care too much about the pseudo-philosophical talk, simply enjoy the compelling beat which makes every crowd to freak out.


Granlab - Memories (2006)

from Mitsommerkollektion [Broque 013]

Whispering ghostly voices, but you won't be scared. On the contrary - this is pure cosiness.


David Sugar - Boss Man (2006)

from Fresh Off The Chip [8bitpeoples 060]

A brillant 8bit / chiptune track. Only thing I have to critize: way too short!


Glenny 417 - Biskopsgården Night Life (2006)

from Find out what You Are Missing [Ageema Music Club]

I don't know where Biskopsgården is and what's really up there. But it sounds like a lot of fun.


Iambic - For You... (2007)

from Under These Stars, We'll Sleep Again [Laridae 031]

More proof that you don't need too much for getting an excellent song. Here it is one superb loop and a nice voice.


Arnaud Roy - Blue sox (2007)

from Another delayed action snowbal l [Vaatican Records]

The harp by itself is one of the most beautiful sounding instruments, here it also has been used for percussion.


Robintone - Cowboy Song (for Martha) (2007)

from she ate all the pancake EP [Beatismurder 09]

Home recording at its best, just admirable.


Elektronova - Das Muss Liebe sein (2007)

from Wortsport [Stille Macht Taub 013]

The German title means "This must be love". Yeah, that's right.


Tom Caruana - Get it off your chest (2008)

from Welcome Aboard [Budabeats 004]

Let it out when you're frustrated - if this is the result, I'm fine with it.


Ghosts and Strings - Judgement Day (2008)

from Canciones del Futuro [Resting Bell 037]

Mixes Tuvan overtone singing with pop harmonics and that fits like a charm.


Nic Bommarito - Lhasa (2009)

from Harp Fragments (12rec. 058]

Slide guitars and strings in a post-rockian journey.


Ketsa - between cloud and land (2009)

from The X Inside [BFW recordings 028]

Tricky beats, someone might call this "intelligent", for me it's just a good song.


Hoax - Progress (2009)

from The Insomnia EP [Qunabu 009]

Over 11 minutes long, maybe it doesn't happen too much, but the track will put you in such a good flow that you want to listen to it over and over again.


the menu - moss eisley canape (2010)

from Tatooine EP [Silenced 04]

Starts like your everyday Minimal House track, then it turns in something completely different and goes back to the days of Charleston. At the end it returns to presence. Strange enough - but that works.


Uniform Motion - The Pen Fallacy (2010)

from Pictures [aaahh-records 008 and no-source 007]

A broken flute, a 4-string guitar, fallsetto Chorus, that's it.

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