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LolaM on 10/18/2017 at 06:32AM

Learning: Public Schools, Homeschooling, Self-paced learning

Media have been recently prone to blame public schools for all types of sins, wrongdoings and enforcement of faulty concepts.School is blamed for subjectivity, transmission of old-fashioned views, failure to give same quality education to all learners. As always, many're willing to blame, but few are willing to offer structured solution. By "offer structured solution" I don't mean statements like "We should change the curriculum" or "We should make the curriculum more comprehensible", or "We must let kids learn on their own in a natural environment". That's vague and not universal at all. Set kids from different backgrounds and with different attitudes to "learn on their own" and "explore the world" outdoors or within a classroom, and the results're gonna be drastically different. 

Modern system of education, although not perfect, so far does the best in providing as many learners as humanly possible with basic knowledge. There's no escaping this fact. There hasn't been an alternative teaching and learning program that would better accomplish the following goals 1) work for all learners, at least 95% of them; 2) provide all the information that a student might require in everyday life aiming for middle-class standards (at least) and applicable for all groups and classes; 3) provide sufficient background for future cognitive development; 4) give the exact information that a person will need to live comfortably in a given country.

Complex task, huh?

Bear in mind, that, with all this going on, learners get the greatest amount of facilitating options and technologies fit exactly for public schooling. I'm talking about traditional tutoring, school-based study groups, educational forums and apps for essay writing. 

Homeschooling is, of course, an option. Basically, as long as the curriculum's comprehended, a student's good to go. There's an issue with socialization and involvement in group projects, so that's supposed to be compensated in some way. But there's another serious drawback: while at school teaching's done by people with corresponding education and (more often than not) teaching experience, homeschooling is much outsourced to parents or digital tools. On the other hand, homeschooling can allow for optimization of learning process: it's easier to discover the natural inclinations (or lack of such) of a learner and develop them without falling behind on the rest of the disciplines. Still, curriculum is a "must" requirement, which means that it's a more individualized form of public schooling. With more freedoms and more potential drawbacks, naturally.

We could mention private schools, but those are either very similar to public schools, with better qualified teachers and more disciplined learners, or very unnumerous and not fit for everyone.

Self-paced learning is, fortunately or not, only an option for adult learners, who're expanding their horizons on their own. This highly personalized system has just as many drawbacks as any alternative learning system: it doesn't cover all subjects (no way of becoming a lawyer or doctor without some formal learning on top of self-paced education), it requires a bunch of self-discipline (years of steady effort aren't for everyone) and, often, some financial investment.

With this in mind, who are we to blame the modern system of education.


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LolaM on 10/11/2017 at 03:40PM

Rainy music

Rainy music is squeaky Janice Joplin.

Something sentimental like backstreet Boys "Show me the meaning of being lonely".

Celine Dione - definitely!

Amy McDonald, at least some of her songs.

What do you think? What's your rainy music? 

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