Living Myth (Curator)

Artists: Brown Wing Overdrive, Measles Mumps Rubella, Mudang Rouge, WWIII, All Scars, Chuck Bettis, Mobo Stix, Period, Mob Action, Hiccup, Sade Sade & Chuck Bettis, Sade Sade and Chuck Bettis, Dafna Naphtali & Chuck Bettis, MOSSENEK, Winter's Womb, Hell Hoarse, Trance And The Arcade, Chuck Bettis/Toshio Kajiwara/Barry Weisblat, Trance And The Arcade & Commie 64, Trance And The Arcade w/ Commie 64, Chuck Bettis & Toshio Kajiwara, The Meta-matics, Metamatics, Chuck Bettis & Evan Rapport, Meta-matics, Carlos Giffoni & Chuck Bettis (DEVASTATION DUO), the Dorkestra, Dorkestra, Doron Sadja, Silver Process, Yokai, Chuck Bettis/Aya/Hime, Remote Burial, Otomo Yoshihide, Smooch, Joe Merolla, Bears in a Temple for Midgets, Jerry Paper, Prof. Rapps' Punk & Noise Class, Company, Poop Group, Hillary Capps' Toilet Rock, Dreamweapon, Evan Rapport & Chuck Bettis, Chuck Bettis & Friends, Twig Harper, Carly Ptak, Rubber O Cement and Twig Harper, Rubber O Cement And James Twig Harper, Quinta Essentia, Bonnie Jones & Andy Hayleck, Brian Chippendale, Camilla Ha, Catherine Pancake, Chiara Giovando, Haley O'Connor, Hanna Fushihara, Leif & James Ritchy, Lexi Mountain, Max Eisenberg, Michael Barker, Nate Hadyn, Pat Ptak, Robert Fransisco, Wolf, Leslie Keffer, Pitchman, Meltdown, Chuck Bettis,Bonnie Jones,John Berndt,Dan Breen,Stewart Mostofsky, Radioactive Pussy, Precious, Chuck Bettis & Joe Merolla, Man Tease, Chuck Bettis/Tim DeWit/Mike Sebastian, Sandy Ewen & Joe Merolla, Old Shapes (Jerry Lim & Evan Rapport), Old Shapes (Jerry Lim + Evan Rapport), Fever Dream, Chuck Bettis & Twig Harper, Silver Process, Minimum Tape Stacks, Kilbot Factory, Or.12r3, Free Science Duo, <1, Projects Etc, Plastic Pianos, BassHand, Dr. Rythm, Dr. Sex, 99 cents, 1.2.3., Beast Lore, Big Daddy's In The Dog House, Viking Suicide Orchestra, Programmble Sheik, ChromTek, 99cents, Test Tube MCs, Fake Hand, Ear Brain Systems, Programmable Sheik, Big Daddy In The Dog House, Aylers Angels, Aylers Angels And The Rev Concepts Orchestra, The Class, Dude Cruise (Grace Wazowicz, Amelia Bushell, Thea Sass-Ainsworth), Noise Burger (Tom McCaffrey and Dave Matthews), Caitlin Montclare and Nick Pillot, Vivi Rojas, Sergio Sayeg, Last Rites Of The Piano, Corpse, Mammal, Perfection, Evil Brain, Telephone, Giraffes, Wet SLK, Programmable Sheiks, Army Of Ghosts, Informant, Russia, Evil Beat, Matthew James McAuley and Hiroshi Sunari, Rats, Disco Krete, Super Druz
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