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LaughingGear23 on 09/02/2017 at 08:24AM

Council Of One

I started writing some pretentious nonsense about hip hop not being real music but that it gave each band member more flexibility to express their own style. But then I read it back and deleted it. What I actually want to say is that we, Eaters, have a new album out this week and would like you to take a listen and maybe find some value in it - maybe even take it into your life a little.

The album is a collection of generally chilled instrumental tracks which have a hip hop edge. Perfect for headphones on your commute, or for playing loud and getting the neck working. There is elements of subtlety and beauty in there too and the release is representative of the higher quality of music that we have been striving for over the last few releases.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to explain by we keep putting out releases which have the potential of wrong footing the audience. Sometimes it's raps an beats, like the last release All Eyes and Teeth, sometimes it's funky instrumental, like Simian Samba, and sometime it's electronic - like Council of One. The basic answer is that we generally like good music and we don't sign up to a particular style. I do think a big part is the fact that Hip Hop can be based on any music although the point can be debated. Either way it gives us to opportunity to push ourselves and bring something different to each release. If it does jar, expecting a funky latin beat and getting some Scottish bloke rapping at you, then apologies but please do take the time to give it a shot.

There are links to a couple tunes from Council of One, which was put together in totality by Watchmaker who also raps, plays guitar a bit and does all our engineering. Enjoy!


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LaughingGear23 on 04/19/2017 at 03:47PM

All Eyes and Teeth

Recording session for Rappers Go Home

Being a rapper I find one of the biggest challenges is to find stuff to write about. Having already done my song about finding the remains of an angel, and a whole album pretending to be a galaxy spanning space captain hip-hop extremist, I needed to find something else to talk about.

A few years back I was reading the news about Iraq and Afghanistan and what the article didn’t give me was the ‘why’. Why was it happening? What was the history which drove the behaviours? Who wanted what outcomes? What could be done about it? So, to help me understand I read a few books about recent events by investigative journalists and a few books about history and then a bit of Noam Chomsky – and after all that I was quite depressed and didn’t fancy our chances as a species. But I did have a new perspective and some thoughts to write about!

All Eyes and Teeth – which is now available on FMA – was intended as a side project to work on while other band members finished another release. The way the band works is that we pretty much let each member explore any avenue they want allowing us to develop new styles on side projects and then bring it back into the mix on the more joined up albums. For All Eyes and Teeth I wanted to distil what I was learning, bringing it all together, and bring it to life. So the album starts with a general statement of dissatisfaction (All Eyes and Teeth) and ends with a positive view of the future.

Along the way there is a track on the state of journalism, the emotional stress of dealing with it all, the patterns of social power, and a few more positive tracks as it’s not all impossible. And a few tracks where I talk shit with Quiet Man and Obsolete about how good we are as rappers and how cool we are and stuff. You have to do that on rap albums. It’s tradition.

Words aside, the music on this album is a mix of funky beats from Tuck Pendleton and Watchmaker's slightly less sample driven and more programmed electronic tinged beats. I wanted a variety and order of tunes to keep the album moving forward – keep the listener listening. Watchmaker and Tuck did the damage and made some excellent beats that we polished till they were solid and Just Right. Tuck has frequently voiced his opinions through vocals samples and he did that here on the Interlude tracks adding new angles on the same subects I was to talking about.

So… now that it’s done I can say that it’s come out sounding better than I had hoped. I’m delighted that we’ve created the album I wanted to hear. Goes without saying that some folk will like it and some folk won’t but I’m hopeful that the intention and love that we put into this is apparent. Hope you all enjoy it!

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