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Artists: Volfoniq, Volfoniq __, Ras Amerlock, Ras Amerlock meets Uffe, Ras Amerlock meets Professor Balthazar, Ras Amerlock meets Disrupt, Ras Amerlock meets Mc Zulu, Volfoniq feat. Solo Banton & Sam, Volfoniq feat. Tribuman, Voloniq, Arrogalla rmx Volatil, Roots Ista Posse, Azzurro, Hyqo, Buguinha Dub, Moolen, moolen. [], King Kietu remixes Arrogalla, Arrogalla remixes Ratapignata, dr dub remixes Arrogalla, Arrogalla remixes Peak (feat. Claudia Aru Carreras), Signorafranca remixes Arrogalla, Ras Amerlock remixes Arrogalla, Arrogalla remixes Roots Ista Posse, Volatil remixes Arrogalla, Arrogalla remixes Signorafranca, Arrogalla remixes Volatil, tdBt and the Garys remix Arrogalla, Arrogalla remixes Volfoniq, Hyqo remixes Arrogalla, Dadub remixes Arrogalla, Vinilette remixes Arrogalla, Arrogalla remixes dr dub, Jambassa remixes Arrogalla, Arrogalla remixes King Kietu, Arrogalla remixes Ganga, Arrogalla remixes Dadub, CLDSCP, Delgarma, Mastermind XS, Mastermind XS, Unity Vibration, Bankil, Garage firm, BrandyAlexanderProject, Caballo and the Mothafu Kings, Dub Ritos, Electronischebasisgeluide, Hot Fire, Jah Henchman, Kohlensaure, Lata, Lowknee, mildtape, Money Pallet, Nakatano, Restive, Sugar Prince Ijahman, Tony Dubshot, Triple D, Uffe, Dub Riots, Caballo & the Mothafu Kings, mildtape & Ebsa, Manudub, Rudy Alba and The Trinity All Stars, Ras Amerlock & Brother Culture, Ras Amerlock & DubMatix, Ras Amerlock & Natty Nation, Brandy Alexander Project + Laps, BrandyAlexanderProject + Laps, DU3normal, Herbata, Malasorti, Steinregen Dubsystem, EQuBE, Lüra, Akarola, Hans Gruber, Juju Planet Dub, TRVE, Herbsthauch, Bensnburner, Goyo Naranja & Damaa, Pellectronica, Dava, Bassinfected, Don Goliath, Don Goliath mmet I-lodica, Don Goliath meet Samson Benji, Don Goliath meet Iyah Ranx, Sun Sunych, Sun Sunych ft. Alex East Block, Sun Sunych ft. DanBrown, Sun Sunych ft. Marina Zakharchenko, Sun Sunych ft. Sunniq & Alex East Block, Papascandy, Ebsa, Dj Socrates, Caballo, Doobiesound, Control Tower, Dr Remix & DVAnt

LCL is for " LibreCommeLair "

(ex "Les Cristaux Liquident")


Three letters, and a whole programm :

a Creative commons netlabel, organizing cultural events (festival Lacerta vitis, Dub en sauce or Libre session party) working with artists on multimedia projects, participating or supporting other musical events...

Founded in 2003, LCL believes that sharing is an essential tool of culture, the basic of its language. Open licenses are for this ideal, and the NTI are the dreamed vector for spreading this spirit.

LCL musical line is mainly dub (and all its variables), but more than a precise musical style, it's first a state of mind that defines our netlabel.

Over the technical qualities (that remain important, but not in the first place) we are looking for musical originality and personality, mind opening and a serious taste for collaborations.

We hope to make you discover artists, make you wanting to exchange with them, and to make them discover after, so that the free culture movement can become perpetual.


Visit LCL electro dub netlabel website


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LCL on 05/27/2015 at 11:22AM

LCL celebrates its 9th birthday with FMA !

9 years from now, same day, we released our first EP. What a long travel we all made ! How many enriching encounters, experiences, parties, discoveries...

Here is a very special Free Music Archive mixtape to celebrate the 9 years of the label ! 45 tracks ranging widely, mostly Dub & reggae, but also bits of post rock, folk, hiphop, ambient, electronics and even french chanson...
Take a trip from the origins to the present of LCL netlabel !

 Massive thanks to FMA for their perpetual support to independant music, you girls and guys are so important for all of us !




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LCL on 01/05/2015 at 12:55PM

Dubby new year 2015 !

An adventurous and somewhat trippy Dub journey through the rich archives of the French label "Libre Comme Lair." Expect an hour of sensual psychedelic sound scapes, playful weirdness, wicked bass lines & rousing brass with lots of delay-ay-ay!

Check out the website of Libre Comme Lair.. all the music I've used can be found here for free!:

Originally broadcasted on November 28 2014 for the weekly DJ show "Solta a Franga" at the dutch radio station Concertzender.

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Bankil - "Manifesto" (02:49)
Bankil - "Manifesto" (02:49)

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on 02/21/2011 at 08:18PM
on 02/20/2011 at 11:18PM
Great stuff here. Thanks for the friend request. We should have some more releases soon, if Jason ever gets around to it! BONG!
on 05/07/2010 at 11:05AM
Thanks for the befriending! Looking forward to exploring your section of the FMA, and checking out this interesting Ras fella.
on 05/06/2010 at 03:36AM
Thanks to all of you for supporting our releases. Spread and share !