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  • What is KWOAny attempt to draw the conclusion that Lee Kwo is in any way an avatar of Nils Urstatt the central being in The Celibate Autopsy is to radically confuse the facts of self-hypnotic illusion with the confusions of theoretical fiction/ Lee Kwo is Kwo becoming Leo Androgen the passionate adventurer of the Real perceived in terms of the Other Lacanian self/Transgressive and transgendered/Kwo is dismantling his selves hoping to become a ruin of fragments/ Kwo is a misanthrope suffering from a fascination with utter dispassionate isolation and a psycho-pathological obsession with silence/Kwo subscribes to the concept that writing should not represent or imitate reality should not anticipate the future nor recount the past/Neither should he be concerned with closure or syntactical coherence/ Kwo fails on all counts to achieve these aesthetics/He can not stop scribbling/Neither comfort nor unease answers or questions should be sought in Kwos passages of text/ Deliberately abandon sensibility and perceptions of concept and context when confronted with a Kwo text/ There is a banality to the work which defies the communication or apprehension of an even superficial surface as a locus of expression mediation or illumination/ Writing like sex is a disease of annihilation to paraphrase Bataille/ Kwo is fuking himself to death having written 10 unpublished novels he is disposing of the prophylactic of anonymity and releasing a limited edition of 100 copies of The Celibate Autopsy having grown tired of his thoughtless attempts at saying anything of consequence/ Convoluted/dense/incoherent/ fractured/dispersed to the point of poverty/ All of the above is a possibility and at the same time an idiosyncratic display of provocative arrogance/ Something had to be said/ The visual image expresses the plurality of the inscription that is Kwo more efficiently/Update:Prequel to The Celibate Autopsy/named Artaud Adjusts his Hat[e] /Tells all that happened in the world before the Post Human arrived/Or perhaps didnt happen/ALL THREE BOOKS[Homage to Collateral Damage/Artaud Adjusts his Hat[e] and The Celibate Autopsy/ ARE NOW AVAILABLE AS HARDCOPY FROM LULU.COM OR AS pdf/A copy of my first book The Lie Detector which paraphrases the trilogy is also available from Lulu/A book of fifty poems relating to the trilogy will be published in August/

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