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I work in public radio news (congressional). Don't worry... I'm not a journalist.

To keep myself sane I am always undertaking a new project, often to the un-completion of the previous project.

Traces of my work are scattered all over my website, Knock Twice.

Currently, I am focusing daily effort on my scrapbook, a curated site where I display good things -- hopefully mostly from off line

I need to start doing more food stuff.

And on a larger scale there is Knock Twice Radio -- my continued effort at creating participatory radio progamming online.

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KnockTwice on 04/30/2009 at 10:39AM

Is this another social network?

Egad. This site seems totally awesome -- I am still very much getting my bearings -- though I don't really know what roll to play here.

Guess I'll just poke around until I find my way.

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