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KingandCrozier on 10/05/2015 at 09:22PM

The Beginnings!


we are King & Crozier / King and Crozier, but we are acclaimed as the band : King & Crozier.  This is Ryan King writing to you fellow indie viewers and listeners giving you the first written article by a new user and member of the FMA.  I will enlighten you in this post a little about my life, and in future posts, I am sure Franklin Crozier will write to you as well.

I am Ryan King.  I hail from a small town in the North titled Lewisburg, residing in the state of Pennsylvania.  I have been writing poems and lyrics since the age of 14.  I grew up learning how to sing at an early age, and how to apply actions to the words we sing and say.  I've always dreamed of what it would be like to be a traveler.  To see all the far cities and countries of people and places that I could only ever see via a computer screen or a magizine.  Yet, coming to age, I have been attending  Liberty Univeristy in Virginia. I have found a place where I can make friends from far off cities and countries.  This is also where I found my wonderful and eccentric friend Franklin, who shares similar dreams and passions on travelling and conquering this world someday soon.

We have drawn close in friendship as well as a partnership in music, where we coined the name King & Crozier. 

This is all for now of my life and all that I will share with you!

and from this point on, we hope to maintain our media following Via the FMA.

If you have'nt the chance to find us yet,

follow this Facebook link to our page and 'LIKE' our page to give us more band support :)


Have a blessed and merry life in where ever your life resides:)

Ryan King

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