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KONTROLJET on 05/20/2017 at 08:53AM

Trauma Akustik - CONTROL-Z

CONTROL-Z - Trauma Akustik

Released: September 2011

Label : Nostress Netlabel

Catalog : NN_LP004_09_11



01 Fragment I | 07:40

02 Fragment II | 03:30

03 Fragment III | 03:20

04 Fragment IV | 04:50

05 Fragment V | 06:00

06 Piece For Fan & FM Radio | 02:35

07 UFO 2.0.2ss | 05:35

08 Virtual Image | 02:40

09 Who Is Delia | 02:50

10 Trauma Akustik | 08:00

"Trauma Akustik" is an interpretation of the noise pollution in our abstract space. Based on many issues of Human and nature, people and city, noise and silence, art and fun. A wild concept with beautiful ways. The execution of this work using techniques the "free association writing" , creating sound collages with irregular texture.   Experience using electronic musical insight and perfect knowledge of the world of sampling and excellent results. CONTROL-Z has given us a precise, hard, enchanting, and, in short, magnificent work.

"Trauma Akustik" talks, screams and denounces a capitalist society, compulsive ever more distant from the real needs of human beings. Metropolis bigger and little space for the depth of feelings. A disk that must be listened from beginning to end without pausing to hear and understand the experimentalism of the Indonesian artist. Nostress Netlabel is proud to have this work on its catalogue. NOSTRESS NETLABEL

Download Complete Digital Release (107 Mb)

Front Cover (448 Kb)

Back Cover (507 Kb)

Info (Pdf 306 Kb)



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