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JuanKoss on 07/03/2017 at 08:14AM

3 Ways to Lure Employers to Your Social Networking Accounts

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There are several online tools you can use for free to search for job opportunities. Once you have updated your online profile, all you have to do is monitor regularly for any feedback from employers. However, you need to be careful about details you disclose.Technology made everything look easy, including finding jobs. It's safe to assume that today's generation is lucky as they no longer need to carry bulky envelopes or briefcases, making rounds in offices to submit their resumes, hoping with their fingers crossed, that they land the job.

Here are three tips to luring companies to your social networking accounts.

1. Write a resume, and always update it. The profile you set up reflects your identity. Consider it as the first screening done by companies looking for potential applicants. When they find your skills fitting for the vacant position, and your character is a likely addition to their team, then they are likely to get in touch with you. Choose the appropriate photo - you on a corporate attire. And then boost your application by including organizations you have joined or internships you had.

2. Add the right people. Social networking sites provide you the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, so get the most out of them. In your LinkedIn account for instance, join groups that are related to your degree, and then follow members. And then check out your contacts' followers, and follow people on their circle.

3. Search for job prospects. There are always job vacancies which job boards can prove. The problem is that slots are limited and not all hopefuls can get in. Search for companies that are currently hiring through your contacts, or visit tabs that are especially-made for students. Also, ask people. Taking the initiative to inquire about job postings shows your eagerness and confidence, so do not be afraid.

It really depends on your employer if he/she opted to based your personality to your social networking accounts. If so, might as well make it pleasing and presentable.


Companies are always on the lookout for deserving applicants, so ensure that your online accounts are presentable and meaty. Good luck!



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