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JJMusiio on 08/23/2018 at 09:35PM

Musiio Playlist 9 #ElectronicPop

Whether or not you’re looking for a good pop anthem or have a penchant for the pristine sounds of well-produced beats, we’ve got you covered! 

Here's an interesting fact - Pop is not actually short form for “popular music”. Rather, it is a genre under “popular music”, defined by its highly manufactured production qualities and singable melodies. 

Of course, Pop music sticks by the trends of the times, appealing to masses of audiences with its memorability. With the advent of electronic music in this age of millennialism, we naturally welcome #ElectronicPop! 

With our AI, we have curated this pop playlist to light up your mornings and provide a good confidence boost. I don't know about you, but I personally enjoy a good song to strut to when I leave my house every morning! 

My ultimate fave of the set? David Amber’s Set Me On Fire, featuring Ashley Jana. Strongly recommend to spruce up your day! Have a good slay, have a good day. 


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odonnell on 08/26/18 at 06:24PM
I like this, and I grabbed several other Musiio playlists. But, I can't find #6 nor #8. Where do they hide?
Ysabel@Musiio on 08/27/18 at 04:42AM
Hi odonnell,

Thanks for your interest! We have 3 contributors from Musiio - Hazel, Ysabel and JJ - and we take turns to post our favourites ;)

You can find the full list in these accounts:

Hazel [Playlist 1-5]:

Ysabel [Playlist 6-8]:

JJ [Playlist 9]:

Let us know how it goes!
outlivefall49 on 08/29/18 at 08:11AM
good job
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