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I'm just getting into radio and I want to play more music that I can mix and build. I'm also interested in connecting with musicians.


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Interrupt on 07/19/2010 at 07:26PM

As I Enter Middle-Age...

This is the year I turn 40. I've started looking for my birth mother, I'm progressing deeper into therapy-healing than I ever thought possible, and I'm learning Fruity Loops. I now own a propane BBQ grill. I've discovered Chip Music. I don't know how I never learned of 8bit music until about 12 months ago, but there you have it.


I've got a radio show again. Every other Saturday night (my next show is the 24th.) The China Shop is back! I'll blog a little bit about the name and structure another time. For now, my focus is waning so I will post and go float away...

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Interrupt on 05/18/2010 at 01:58PM

Sub-genres are fun!

I'm curious what someone thought was the difference between dance and electronica/dance in the umbrella "electronic" -- is one acoustic? Is one more electronic than the other? Food for thought.


I'm sure the genres are not closely scrutinized, this is the FREE music archive and as such has no vast endowment or income to support scrupulous examinations of genre specificity, congruity, etc...


I've just been introduced to Ishkur's guide to electronic music at http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/ and while admittedly subjective, it's very fun to listen to the clips and see where things fall and such.


In other exciting news, I made my first song over 2 minutes long. Whee!

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