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Ending Satellites is an artistic project, mixing music & photography. The goal ? Proposing a travel between pictures and melodies.


Ending Satellites, launched by Damien Dufour in January 2011, is an entity built by all the artists which meet in the project. As Laurent Orthlieb (from REDLIGHT), Sèverine Godissart, François Creutzer or Frédéric Marquigny (from MOKA).

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Ending_Satellites on 06/01/2017 at 01:05AM

The lost tapes Vol. B : Ending Satellites new album

May, 24 : The lost tapes | Vol. B is released.

It's the new and third album of Ending Satellites.

This new album is a travel around the world and its beauty, with 7 musics and 7 photographs that speak about the beautiful landscapes I've been and the wonderful people I've been lucky to met.

You can download it on the FMA's page of the project (where you'll also find a download link to the deluxe edition, which contains all the digital material). You will also fond more about this record and the project on the official website of Ending Satellites.

I hope you'll enjoy the journey.

Have a nice day.

Best, from France.

Damien | Ending Satellites.

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Ending_Satellites on 01/10/2016 at 10:40AM

Contribute to the new Ending Satellites elpee

As you may have read on internet or the official website, the new 7 (or 8) tracks Ending Satellites elpee will be released next spring. Its name : The lost tapes | Volume B.I’ve recently launched a donation campaign on Leetchi, to help me in the process of recording and producing this elpee.

All explanations, modalities and details are available on this page (please go to the bottom of the description to get the english version). If you prefer to make a Paypal donation, please refer to that page of the website, where you will find all informations.

Please note that you can also follow the recording sessions of the new EP with pics, vids and other material you'll find on a updated article available here.I already thank you for your help and support and wish you a great end of the year.Damien | Ending Satellites.

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