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EncryptedScrolls on 05/23/2018 at 07:17PM

The Encrypted Scrolls

Sometimes words alone cannot paint the picture of the things possessed within, but when you add a vocal flow that carries various levels of emotions and impacts, the message can become clearer. In a reflection of life experiences, the artist behind the Encrypted Scrolls utilizes music as a form of communication to express various instances that have occurred, are impactful, and also have been life-altering.

The 4-album anthology of Encrypted Scrolls, is inspired from a story written and lived by the performer himself, Tony Hulse. The story is being produced as a film series and the music is designed to coincide with the scenes throughout the film’s first episode. When you play the film and this music, you get a different story experience that is blended perfectly with all the scenes. This style of immersive media has never been done before (on purpose). Music fans may know of the Wizard of Oz/Pink Floyd combination that works in various scenes throughout the film. This is similar to that but with all the scenes blending to a precise beat and telling a new story to the one originally displayed.

Tony has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 5 years with his works on syndicated networks like ABC, FOX, and Disney. With his skills, he created the Encrypted Scrolls as an additional visualization of his art, wisdom, and to compliment some of his projects that are shared through various forms of media.

The first two albums from the Encrypted Scrolls are available on Free Music Archive to download and feature the musical scores from others FMA’ers with his vocals overlaid.  Tony is currently in production of the 2nd half of this set and a few other musical projects.


His tracks are designed to activate many pathways within each person and to have the listener think and reflect on the words, tones, and placed 360® entrainment signs. He explains, ”The entertainment industry has been mastering the craft to bring forth emotions and other relatable feelings through their various forms of media. Certain bass tones, colors, and words enhance the media experience as the viewer detects reflective feelings. It’s magical. What I do is plant seeds, water, and harvest new motions within through the precise measures of my music and videos. What this means is regardless if you are open minded to the possibilities of alternate realities of being, this music serves as sigils and creates milestones for your future self to experience. The more observant you are of your inward being and external surroundings, the faster you will be able to catch and develop higher forms of yourself. Think of it as a fast track to your superpowered self.”

This is Magical Wizardry in its infant stages. Tony intends on releasing more content that is specific to what the listeners and viewers want to experience in their reality. Stay tuned to his FMA page and website ( to be the first to know when these “human upgrades” become available to the public.


If you are interested in working with him (via commission, collaboration, director, interview, or artist) you can email him directly at or call 646-806-1464. 



freetheme on 05/24/18 at 03:41PM
yes!!thank you !!
EncryptedScrolls on 05/24/18 at 07:29PM
Your are welcome @freetheme
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