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DylanGoing on 12/07/2010 at 02:00PM

The Long Hard Road to 2011

Strictly Business.

2010 was pretty great actually, not at all long nor hard. First of all, check out all the formats we got to work with:

Artists performing directly for radio listeners like Bill Orcutt and Justice Yeldham live in the WFMU studio or Vieux Farka Touré at KEXP on the West Coast.

Loud rock small-run presses of cassettes and 7 inches from the likes of White Suns and Nuit Noire.

Some of it was recorded exclusively for the purposes of internet distribution like Finnish freefrom friend Keijo on the We Have No Zen! imprint or UK hypercolor basshead Slugabed (who has a formidable, if oft overlooked remix history under his belt) on the Oscillations comp

Nas in even in the lineup with his contribution to the Open Remix compilation, a collection of remixes of Senegalese superstar Youssou N'Dour to benefit Intrahealth International.

There's even the hot off the presses new Big Blood cdr released less than a week ago, what service!

My favorite recording though has to be the T-Model Ford hallway jam sesssion in the Catskills during All Tomorrow's Parties this past summer. He just set up in the hallway unannounced and played because he figured people would enjoy it. Direct as hell.



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