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DylanGoing on 05/15/2009 at 01:28PM

Only Slightly Fun! (No Fun Fest preview)

This guy is having no fun 2008. Photo by Seth Tisue CC by-sa 3.0

"I was very liked that drum sound. So, recently I often used Bozzio's sampling on stage as previous European tour" -Masami Akita

A great thing about Merzbow is when everyone assumes they have a handle on his image since his week-to-week new album release schedule leaves so little room for secrets. So with every curve ball he throws, a breath of fresh air that lets us know he's still on top of the game. His most recent bomb-drop that he had to cancel his trip to the US to appear at No Fun Fest this from H1N1 pandemic fervor was disappointing, but with the line-up they still have, I certainly won't be having any LESS fun. Here's are some artists playing this weekend who have material on the FMA:

Aura-readings on home-made synthesizers for the Nu Age from Portland, OR's Pulse Emitter.

Cold Cave plays probably the most forlorn pop industrial goth-porn sounds to come out of Philadelphia in the past year. Check out their recent live set on Choking on Cufflinks with Michael Goodstein.

Spain's Mattin plays on Saturday as well. High concept and high volume, he manages to provide thorough, academic essays to read while your ears file for divorce. Mostly a good time! Catch him on tour this month with Deflag Haemorrhage/Haien Kontra.

And last but not least: Carlos "Lee Iacocca of Noise" Giffoni. Organizer of the No Fun Fest + Production company, aka "the guy who over 50 performers are going to come to this weekend if they have a problem." This spectacular wherewithal shows in such performances as his live appearance on WFMU last fall on Dan Bodah's show.

The fest is sold out, but try and support the artists on their surrounding tours and be sure to listen to the upcoming Skullflower performance next week on Brian Turner's show.



BTurner on 05/15/09 at 02:12PM
Just to add on to that, Pulse Emitter are also doing a sesh for my show, which will air June 9th 3-6pm Eastern -- hopefully will be up on the FMA afterwards.
jason on 05/15/09 at 03:15PM
why is merzbow a walrus?
DylanGoing on 05/16/09 at 03:13AM
It's Minazo, the three thousand pound elephant seal who was Merzbow's muse until it's untimely demise a couple years ago.

I'll be clearer with my metadata in the future.
DylanGoing on 05/16/09 at 03:17AM
Painting by Merzbow I might add.
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