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Looking for the best way to keep your kids entertained? Kidkraft uptown espresso kitchen 53260 will surely cheer them up. It is design to give children fun they can ever imagine. The children get to have lots of fun while at the same time learning the basics of cooking. This deluxe play kitchen is beautifully designed to stand out in any playroom or bedroom. 

The kids get to feel like grownups as they explore the galore of playing options offered by this kitchen’s interactive features. It is big enough for your kid to play with all their friends. This pretend kitchen is built to be durable hence you can expect it to last for many years to come. It can be passed from older siblings to younger siblings, or even one generation to the next. It is built by passionate engineers with your kids in mind. This espresso kitchen is smart and has a sturdy structure. 

Everything in this espresso kitchen just looks real. The pretend ice machine on the refrigerator knob clicks and turns just like you would expect a real life machine to do. It has a big storage space above the sink. Should things turn a little messy, the plastic sinks can easily be removed for cleaning. The sinks are made of plastic to make them light and prevent any injuries to your kids. 

All doors in this espresso kitchen are made of special mold latches that for easy to opening yet strong enough to withstand frequent use. The burners on the oven are raised and designed to fit pans, plates and bowls. There is even a cordless phone that has a convenient stand that holds it in place. The turntable in the microwave rotates at angle of 360 degrees just like an ordinary microwave.

The microwave and oven feature a transparent window so that the kids can keep eye on what is “cooking” inside. The kids can take notes and do simple calculations on the chalkboard surface situated on the freezer door. This espresso kitchen also has a paper towel holder on the side of the kitchen and four pegs that can be used for hanging accessories such as ladles and potholders.  

The oven drawer slides in and out thus making it perfect for pretend cakes and other baked goodies. This kitchen is spacious and the kids can even use it to store other food toys and accessories. It is designed to accommodate a large of children and they even do a cooking party! Kidkraft uptown espresso kitchen 53260 is made of composite wood products, metal and molded plastic. It is packed with detailed step-by-step instructions for easy to assembling.

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