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Nature Music Videos - A "Show Me Your Skies" Production. Capturing a moment in time. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Theory of Everything. Sit back relax and enjoy. Headphones Required For The Ultimate Listening Experience. If you enjoy the mixes on this channel, Subscribe for future uploads. You could also view the Nature Music Videos on Flipboard Nature Music Videos Magazine and on Facebook Divingfalcon0112@gmail.com Page. Thank you for visiting and viewing the mixes on this channel. Please tell your friends to visit and Subscribe. The music that was used to create the beautiful soundtrack. Music By;Free Music Archives. Once again, Thank you.  

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Nature Music Videos Mixes.Our skies are being trashed with chemicals on a daily basis here in Philadelphia,PA. I want the world to see threw my eyes the reality of it all.Brainstorming one day while on location filming a video,the idea of mixing music and the reality videos was whisper in my ear by an Angel.And the FMA platform with it's Incredibly Talented Artist's was the perfect combination to my projects. To show the captured footage with the awesome melodies will retain viewers attention. Therefore getting the viewers to see true meaning of what they just saw. The Nature Music Videos Mixes that Im creating are being uploaded to Harry Mendez-Youtube,Flipboard, Divingfalcon0112@gmail.com Page. Sincerely,Thank you very much...
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Nature Music Videos. Free Subscription to the first 500 members to apply to my Yubetube Page.Thanks...