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Danny_KitSplit on 02/08/2019 at 04:05PM

Uploads, bug fixes, and questions–oh my!

As promised, uploads have been re-enabled for artists and curators on Free Music Archive! Please let us know if you’re having trouble with uploading.

As we mentioned in our last update, we’ve been working on additional site improvements, including taking care of the “URI Invalid” bug that was plaguing search result pages—thanks to everyone who reported that!

In that vein we’ve put together a short survey to learn more about you, so we can make Free Music Archive even more useful. Anyone that completes our survey is eligible to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Click here to take the survey →

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krackatoa on 02/09/19 at 12:26AM
nice to see uploads re-enabled , will listen & downloads stats be fixed soon?
Sandsofa Studios on 02/09/19 at 12:36AM
Hi Brett, hi Danny, thank you very for re-enabeling upload.
For fixing ...
Now I have still some problems with upload limit: I think all files over 5MB will be blocked (nearbye 3minutes lenght).
I found no input for the tags,
only at my artist side, but there are all tags from music I ever made.
Nearbye 50% of my pictures are gone. I can't loading up actually any cover.
I'am shure it's only a question of time ... and all things you have been further fixed ;-)
SL35Steve on 02/09/19 at 01:47AM
Trying to upload audio using google chrome. Nothing happens when I hit the "browse your files" button.
how the night came on 02/09/19 at 02:17AM
me too, nothing happens when I press "browse your files" button

I have flash enabled in chrome

Jsin on 02/09/19 at 03:52AM
Same here. I can't upload on chrome or safari.
Fleslit on 02/09/19 at 06:05AM
Hi I'm Yung Kartz,

I have two issues so far.

Firstly, when I try to select the non-commercial license for my tracks, it doesn't work and sends me straight back to my homepage.

Secondly, because I can't select the proper license for my tracks, I am unable to publish my tracks publicly.
Sandsofa Studios on 02/09/19 at 07:20AM
Hi, with Opera I have the same problems, I take the newest Firefox. I think the problems is that there are some parts in flash and some parts in Java?
D. Yunkay on 02/09/19 at 07:56AM
files larger than 7 mb cannot be uploaded. that is a big problem.
Sandsofa Studios on 02/09/19 at 08:54AM
Im former times on FMA I remember there was a limit about 50-60MB (more than 20 minutes song)
yanterrien on 02/09/19 at 09:55AM
You should have completely rewrite the site code instead of copying it as is to another server. Problems with images, upload size problems, it does not give a good impression.
Lemon Yellow Hayes on 02/09/19 at 11:04AM
Thank you! If you guys could fix the all too common bug that causes songs to disappear after editing song details, adding tags etc that would be great!
derekclegg on 02/09/19 at 11:39AM
Issue when trying to license tracks. Just takes you back to the album of the artist home page.
DRVNOfficial on 02/09/19 at 02:31PM
Yes, problems with images appearing
DinuraCreations on 02/09/19 at 04:28PM
Well done FMA! :D
dhilowitz on 02/09/19 at 09:35PM
I can upload songs (as long as I set my Flash to Allow in Chrome). During the upload process, image uploading doesn't work. Also, once uploaded, I'm unable to edit any songs. If I click the "Edit" button to change song details (add categories or set them as instrumental, for example). I'm unable to.
remix0120 on 02/10/19 at 05:31AM
the "+" is not working
Guifrog on 02/10/19 at 04:54PM
Nice job so far, it's very much appreciated!

I tried using Chrome for the first upload attempt - the button for browsing files doesn't give me a response.

On Firefox, it does. I've successfully uploaded a new record with more than 7 MB, but I got the same broken-image problem as the others and it seems it doesn't appear alongside the older ones on my Manage Albums list. Oddly it appears on the Manage Tracks list (for it's a single track, which might make sense but older uploads also consisted of single records), but then one of my tracks (the first I've uploaded on FMA, after curation process) is missing there. It's listed as an album though, and its single track can be accessed through my profile.

In fact, I found that my latest upload's titled as a "single", the oldest is an "album" and the others are "single track" on the profile page; the "single" category doesn't display stats and license info.

I also can't edit track information on Manage Tracks, for no response is given when clicking "edit".

That's what I was able to find for now. Hope it helps!
nctrnm404 on 02/10/19 at 07:04PM
Thank you for the updates! It appears however that the "License Selected Tracks". button does not work ;it took me back to the Edit Albums page. Also the "Edit Selected Tracks" button does not work.
wisd on 02/11/19 at 05:32AM
had problems uploading new tracks on Chrome and Firefox - so gave up for now.

A different issue that has come up - no images show up in all of my old albums or home page....all images disappeared.
Is it just me, or other having the same issue?
Scott Holmes on 02/11/19 at 10:43AM
Hi Danny,

Thanks to you and your team for taking on FMA!

For me personally, since I signed up in 2014 I've never been able to upload using Chrome, I've always had to use Firefox.

Currently, in regards to uploads, I'm having the same issues. I can upload tracks but when it comes to selecting a license, it then takes me back to my edit albums page.

Album photos are also disappearing on my end.
Mist Spectra Humanfobia on 02/11/19 at 03:48PM
Hello, when i click "license selected tracks nothing happens, the tracks was uploaded, but stills without appear published. and apart most of the profile artist image and the cover artworks appears broken. greetings
SECTION 27 on 02/11/19 at 04:36PM
Great to see you back. Unfortunately I tried two different browsers and the uploads never complete, like this example:
BenJamin Banger on 02/12/19 at 02:36AM
Can't upload a damn thing :(
DRVNOfficial on 02/12/19 at 05:43AM
Can't see ANY images on my profile and the listens for my latest release aren't registering
Sergey Cheremisinov on 02/12/19 at 08:48AM
I can upload, but don't can select a license. It doesn't work and sends me back to CMS - Albums Edit.
Nul Tiel on 02/12/19 at 10:28AM
Hi Danny. I'd like all ads removed from all artists on Nul Tiel Records please. Also, I can't add new tracks to existing albums - will this be fixed anytime soon, or do I have to upload the entire album again. Oh, and one more thing - is the upload limit going to change? I have some tracks that are over 30 minutes, even if I bring down the Kbps/Hz they're going to be way over the 7MB limit that seems to have been set. Cheers!
Sandsofa Studios on 02/12/19 at 10:47PM
Hi Brett, thank you very much!
All pictures at my sites are back!
Sandsofa Studios on 02/12/19 at 11:01PM
Just testing, I can upload a song over 17MB and changing the tags afterwards with firefox.
Cool it seems the next functions are back!
Guifrog on 02/12/19 at 11:07PM
Alrighty, here's another thing. It seems, as I was editing my most recent addition by uploading an album picture and confirming license info, it went from third to the top of the "recent highlights" list for some reason. I apologize for any inconvenience to other artists, though I assume it's another issue.
Fleslit on 02/12/19 at 11:27PM
Thank you for fixing the bugs!!!
Jsin on 02/12/19 at 11:36PM
So far so good! I was able to upload a single using Firefox. Also all my album pics are back. Good job! I'll see if any bugs show up.
Jsin on 02/12/19 at 11:40PM
Everything is looking good. If we can get the stats working that would be great. All in all, good job.
nomer1234 on 02/13/19 at 07:22AM
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Murmure_Intemporel on 02/13/19 at 11:04AM
Upload OK !
But no way for editing an album after uploading :(
enoughrec on 02/13/19 at 02:57PM
edit album not working
DannyKS on 02/13/19 at 07:11PM
Thank you for all the bug reports! We're taking note of all of these and passing them off to our team.

We know there's a lot more to do, we're working as fast as we can to crush all the bugs you report!

cc: Sandsofa, SL35Steve, how the night came, Jsin, Fleslit, Sandsofa Studios, dhilowitz, Guifrog, nctrnm404, Murmure_Intemporel, and many more
DannyKS on 02/13/19 at 07:11PM
D. Yunkay: the upload size limit should be fixed now, thanks!
DannyKS on 02/13/19 at 07:12PM
Jsin: we're working on it, thanks for the kind words!
DannyKS on 02/13/19 at 07:12PM
Guifrog: just a note to thank you for this very helpful report!
Cota303 on 02/13/19 at 10:24PM
I can not upload albums art for new upload . Missed it while upload steps. And now instead of redirecting to edit page site goes to

Congratulations with re-open!
kbudelis on 02/14/19 at 04:47PM
Nul Tiel - if you’d like ads excluded from your page, fill out this form:

DannyKS on 02/14/19 at 09:36PM
Hey Cota303–we're aware of the album art bug and are working to fix it!
DRVNOfficial on 02/15/19 at 02:08AM
BROKEN listen count on my profile
Fleslit on 02/15/19 at 05:26PM
Just discovered a new bug... I can no longer edit my albums. :(
Hadokowa on 02/17/19 at 04:42PM
Hello, as I understand FMA is now for profit?
DannyKS on 02/18/19 at 04:11PM
@DRVNOfficial We're aware of the listen count bug and working to fix it.
DannyKS on 02/18/19 at 04:12PM
@Fleslit We're working on the edit album bug.
DannyKS on 02/18/19 at 04:16PM
@Hadokowa FMA has been acquired by KitSplit, which is a for profit company, however FMA itself is not for profit and we are dedicated to keeping it free.
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