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Danny_KitSplit on 04/30/2019 at 09:42AM

Update on FMA Bugs

Thank you all for your continued patience while we work through some issues that have been found on FMA recently.

We’re aware of the bug users have ben having while attempting to stream or download music, contacting artists, uploading music and a few other site functions–we are working to fix those! We understand the frustration many of you have with these functions not working, and have appreciate your feedback. We will keep the FMA community updated as things change. 

For now, we have a few short-term solutions to the most common issues:


- Can not log in to FMA: Try logging in using your FMA username, instead of your email address–that usually fixes the problem. If logging in still does not work, try again in a few minutes.

- Approved artist that can not upload music: get in touch and we will help on a case by case basis (Please be aware that we’re answering help tickets as quickly as we can, and we will respond to your personal request in the order it was received)

- Contact artist not working: get in touch and we will try to help on a case by case basis—

- Downloads/steaming not functioning: On occasion downloads/streamings have stopped working. This is almost always temporary. Try again in a few minutes.


If there is another site issue we should be aware of, please let us know in the comments below!

Hope these tips are helpful and thanks for your patience (and keeping us apprised of any issues) as we work towards longer-term solutions.


Thanks and best,




Stephan Siebert on 04/30/19 at 03:46PM
thank You for keeping up FMA! st
derekclegg on 05/04/19 at 11:07AM
Hi Danny, thanks for looking into these issues! The download and streams not working seem to be much worse than down for 10 minutes and back up . For instance this week downloads and streams have mostly not worked. Add to that logging in is usually down in conjunction as I wanted to comment on this earlier but could log in for days. I thought you should know and appreciate the work and communication on this. Best
Cota303 on 05/05/19 at 04:50AM
Hello. I can not upload cover art to this album. It just skips to all albums list when I hit edit.
Sandsofa Studios on 05/06/19 at 03:33PM
Hi Danny thank you for your engagement. I've testing partial during the complete weekend an no song was playable.
Today also.
Maybe there is some temp cache on the server which you have to clear?
I remember the former FMA Team did onetime the week some server routine processes?
Maybe you have to kill some old running .js scripts on the server?
10 years ago I had to administrate a little bit a ELearning server was programmed in Java Serverpages "JS".
My job there was only to reboot the server sometims and kill some js running scripts ... they don't stopped fore themselves ...
so during a week ... more and more scripts are running ... and often the server stopps completley it's functions.
I saw in the codeing the FMA is running with some .js ... now I remembering this problems.
Hope it will help you, and you find someone who can handle with .js bugs.
podbear on 05/06/19 at 07:58PM
Perhaps the most worrying thing is that there are not more comments within a week of this post. Maybe it's because most people can't log in. Maybe it's because users have given up hope that KitSplit is up to the task of fixing and sustaining FMA. It's been five months since the transition. The bugs persist and the core services of the site are not functioning reliably, if at all. I don't know what it's going to take for you to rise to the challenge, but I hope you can!
bgTeacher on 05/13/19 at 01:31AM
Still cannot play nor download :(
Fleslit on 05/17/19 at 03:21AM
Glad to see everything working again!
scripul on 05/18/19 at 06:14PM
So glad to see things working again! Thank you all on the KitSplit team for your hard work!
Nul Tiel on 05/19/19 at 05:39PM
Please can you tell me if there is a upload limit for the track file sizes? Some of my tunes are uploading whilst others aren't!
Fleslit on 05/19/19 at 07:21PM
NulTiel I believe the upload file size limit is 8MB. Also, you may have to upload the same file multiple times until it works. It’s annoying but it works. Cheers!

- Yung Kartz
drugsarecool on 05/20/19 at 06:06PM
Finally able to sign in, play, and download again!!!!!
alvt46 on 05/22/19 at 03:12AM
It's been several months since I was last able to login, clearly the site is still having issues even as I type this. It's been almost a month since any of you gave us an update on this issue. Is there a hot fix in the works? maybe a back up server or site that we can grab the audio files from? I like this site, but this is a huge frustration for me.
D. Yunkay on 05/22/19 at 08:08PM
once a month, I am able to log in. that is a disaster.
PeterBloch on 05/28/19 at 06:32PM
Sorry to say, things are not working well again. Right now, songs do not play, and they don't download. Good luck with this, I appreciate what you do there.
The New Artist on 05/31/19 at 07:10PM
I have been trying to use this website as of 2 days ago. Today I was not able to log in or playback any music. I found that I was able to download music and then listen to it after. Shortly after, I was able to playback music but can not download anything. I also was finally able to sign in, which is why I am writing in this comment section in case I get logged out again. However, when I click to download any music, my page gets refreshed to a blank page. To summarize everything, I can't download any music, all I can do is add things to my favorite playlist. I hope the bugs get cleared up. This is like the only site that has a big variety of talented artists.
Cota303 on 06/02/19 at 07:17PM
Again no way to edit new uploaded albums covr art.

I hit Edit on albums and it goes back to same screen.

Also i had to set bands "303" name to "the 303" cause system is making reference to artists id 303 instead of artist "303".
Cellophane_Sam on 06/02/19 at 11:58PM
While the FMA is down visit I've got my entire catalog available for download there.
18 on 06/03/19 at 10:03AM
so many ads but streaming still down
happypuppyrecords on 06/06/19 at 12:44AM
I no longer trust this site to be working. It's up, then down, then up, then down again.. all of it with no explanation.

The people who built FMA deserve better than this.
krackatoa on 06/07/19 at 01:20AM
All New Krackatoa music available at for free non-commercial use , for commercial use please contact artist direct via
MarilynRoxie on 06/08/19 at 05:27PM
I was finally able to log in after a very long time of not being able to do so, so that is an improvement.

It would be great if you could post a brand new blog entry on the front page explaining exactly what is going on, the way KitSplit has to users on Twitter directly. There are many people who will have no idea of the amount of work required to get FMA properly functional again. I am not sure what to make of the lack of communication.
Sandsofa Studios on 06/09/19 at 07:36AM
MarylinRoxie I agree,
I also think a honor status how it goes on with FMA would be great for us in the community.
I have the fear that all can be over ... the time where KitSplit declares they will care of FMA ... I was euphoric that all is going on.
Now I think sometimes that you Danny and KitSplit have more and more regrets that you promised you go further the way with FMA.

For me and I think for the other artist is FMA the best platform ever to bring music worldwide to the audience.
If I compare it with my soundcloud, Jamendo, Bandcamp, myownmusic, youtube, lastfm account... there are up to 100-1000 x more listeners of my music which use it in their films, podcasts ... asking for free licenses ... sometimes purchasing commercial licenses ... it's a worldwide great audience and community here on FMA. ... that motivates ... so I hope all is really going on ... actually I recognized for ~ seven days the play function works ... here a thank you who ever try to fix the problems actually.
Let's come more and more better in contact ... put away the clouds and let the sunshine in ;-)
Hopefully Greetings Lobo
doctor turtle on 06/09/19 at 01:41PM
While this goes on, I've rounded up all my CC:BY (free for commercial use) stuff into one free album here:

I hope things get sorted out, but meanwhile please use bandcamp links in Attribution
Temp on 06/10/19 at 06:25AM
Think I will do just the same. Here you can get all tracks + new release of Tri-Tachyon artist (under CC licenses):

(Electro Swing, Downtempo, Ambient, Orchestral).
enoughrec on 06/17/19 at 01:44PM
Still can't edit albums uploaded.
Nul Tiel on 06/21/19 at 07:02PM
As an approved artist and curator I have sent a few emails to over the last couple of months and not had one reply. Please could we have an update on how things are going with making the FMA the amazing and unique music site that it once was. Does it really take over a month to reply to a query? And do you really want all the amazing musicians on the FMA to migrate to Bandcamp?
dmersonhess on 06/24/19 at 01:17AM
Contact artist feature is still broken. It has been for months. Disappointing.
Kozelek on 06/28/19 at 08:09AM
We should all waste no more of our time. I work as a computer programmer, and the state of this site after all these months since the takeover of KitSplit show that: a) either it is not maintained anymore or b) the people in charge of maintaining the website don't know how to do their job.
Also, since the only change made to the site has been adding advertisements, and since the only curator-related update has been the pitiful "SONIC MMABOLELA 2018", it is an indication that when Cheyenne left Free Music Archive, Free Music Archive died with her departure. No use waiting anymore for a resurgence. It is dead and will ever be.
orineu on 06/29/19 at 09:59PM
It's fine to say "it's dead!" But, where will the music go? A couple of artists have gotten the right idea... Does anyone have an IRC bot or is anyone maintaining a catalogue of magnets at least... something? How much space would it even take to provide a backup of what's here? (the music is not on at all, from what i can tell)
Where do we go moving forward? Do we have a center of communication? I really want an answer. @orineu on twitter if you can't post here...
Sandsofa Studios on 06/30/19 at 09:06PM
Thank you for your sharing of your thougts. Yes I think the main question is, where will our music further go. Fact is that we have lots of advertising, lots of bugs ... the ressources are to small to manage such a big platform,... we all know FMA is worldwide fameous . But I think to change all the music to Bandcamp is for me no alternative.
I'll contact you next days over twitter.
happypuppyrecords on 07/06/19 at 10:38AM
@orineu yes the site was backed up to archive just before the switch - I can't verify if it's complete but the collection is here:

Meanwhile I will not be posting any of my new material to FMA until I feel issues have been adequately addressed. I'm currently only using
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