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Danny_KitSplit on 01/28/2019 at 04:59PM

Is this thing on? Some updates from Danny & the KitSplit Team

Hi FMA–I hope your 2019 is off to a great start! By way of introduction, I’m Danny—the new director of the FMA. For those of you who might have missed the news on FMA’s transition, check out Cheyenne’s post.
The KitSplit team and I are excited to keep FMA alive, thriving, and true to its mission of sharing free, curated audio to all. We’ve been hugs fans of FMA for years and inspired with its mission, which is very much aligned with ours. We were so sad to see the news that it was shutting down. And ultimately, so thrilled we could step in to keep it alive and thriving!
The transition happened very quickly. We’ve spent the past month learning more about FMA and how it’s run, and completing transition from a technical perspective. Now that we’re up and running, we wanted to formally introduce ourselves and let you know about some updates in the works.
A few folks have messaged in to ask when you’ll be able to upload your music to FMA again...well, we have some good news. We’ve been hard at work at this, and uploading for curators will be re-enabled by the end of this week We’ll be sure to update you when that happens.
Meanwhile, we’re working on bringing back the newsletter, and additional site and community improvements. We will have more announcements in that vein soon. We’re also looking into incorporating advertisments on the FMA site, which will help us ensure long term sustainability for the FMA. For some background: the FMA was previously run mostly on government grants, which are no longer viable—so this is one of a few changes we may make to ensure long term sustainability of the FMA, while staying true to its mission. 
On a parting note: while we’ve been fans and users of FMA for years, we know we still have a lot to learn about the community and how it runs. We’re eager to hear from you about what changes you’d love to see on FMA. If you have any suggestions or questions for me or the KitSplit team (or just wanna say hi) make sure to drop a comment below this post.
Thank you for your support and cooperation during this transition. We’re so grateful for all of the kind words we’ve received from the FMA community!
- Danny
[UPDATE 2/1/2010] - Our developer Brett (who has been with KitSplit for a while and actually used to work at FMA!) has been working on reenableing uploads this week. He initially thought he could finish it by end of this week, but ran into some unexpected technical hurdles. However, we will have uploads re-enabled for curators soon- by the end of next week at the very latest (and likely sooner). We will keep you all updated and let you know as soon as uploads are re-enabled! 
Also, if you’d like ads excluded from your page, fill out this form:
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Offal Tunes on 01/29/19 at 02:56AM
Hello Danny! Thanks for the update, looking ahead for good things. Thanks for taking the helm! Best - Offal
podbear on 01/29/19 at 04:08AM
Good news!
Sandsofa Studios on 01/29/19 at 06:39AM
2019 will be a good year!
Cambocambo on 01/29/19 at 09:21AM
Hey Danny! This is great news, there really is no other site like FMA for sharing your music. I appreciate the hard work You and your team are putting in to keep this site running.
Thankyou, Cameron.
Murmure_Intemporel on 01/29/19 at 01:55PM
That's great!
I am eager to upload again the albums of the netlabel...
Monplaisir on 01/30/19 at 05:15PM
Hi !
Mondays on 01/30/19 at 05:35PM
So great that FMA has been saved! However, the search tool does not work properly anymore. I get this message all the time: The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.

Both in chrome and explorer. Can you do something about that?
Bobbyz on 01/30/19 at 11:19PM
Really glad to hear that FMA is now in new long-term safe hands. That said, I have had a variety of site problems today, including three biggies:

1) clicking on an artist's name doesn't appear to land me on their page (e.g. clicking on the link to just redirects to the homepage)

2) many requests, including searches with and without quotes, returns "The URI you submitted has disallowed characters." (user Mondays reported the same)

3) "add mix to player" has no effect since there appears to no longer be any player available?! (Or perhaps it simply moved and I can't find it anymore.)

Hoping you can do some debugging for these core features soon!
DinuraCreations on 01/31/19 at 12:26PM
Nice Job. Congratulations FMA!
happypuppyrecords on 01/31/19 at 01:56PM
Can you explain a bit more what the "subtle ads" and how they will be incorporated?
derekclegg on 01/31/19 at 06:08PM
Hopefully you guys are still working out the subtle piece of the ads. Ads at the top and bottom of a page seem to fit. 2 adds breaking apart the charts and blogs sort of cheapen the site IMO. I went to an album page and there were 4 ads in a relatively small space(duplicates in many cases).
starfrosch on 01/31/19 at 06:16PM
Subtle Ads on CC-NC....
happypuppyrecords on 01/31/19 at 07:35PM
Ah.. I had my adblocker on, not realizing the ads have already started.

Damn. It's ugly.
starfrosch on 01/31/19 at 07:52PM
Danny, please remove the dating ads or our music, my band partners are freaking out.
DannyKS on 01/31/19 at 09:06PM
Bobbyz: We're aware of these bugs and are working on them! Thanks!
DannyKS on 01/31/19 at 09:07PM
yanterrien: Thanks for the support! We'd love feedback on the ads as they roll up.
DannyKS on 01/31/19 at 09:08PM
starfrosch: Thanks for letting us know! Our team is removing the ads from your page as we speak and are looking into that ad content in general.
starfrosch on 01/31/19 at 09:17PM
@DannyKS Just remove our music. We're off. That's not subtle.
katya-oddio on 01/31/19 at 10:24PM
Thanks for saving the FMA, KitSplit! Good to hear from you folks. Hey, for legal reasons, it might be super important to remove the donation page claiming to be a non-profit.
happypuppyrecords on 02/01/19 at 01:24AM
@DannyKS - Hi Danny - I would also like the ads removed from my artist page (Lee Rosevere) if it's possible to do that. Thank you.
Jsin on 02/01/19 at 06:30AM
I know it's going to take time to get this site up and running again. Until then, people can download my music at
TheHathawayFamilyPlot on 02/01/19 at 01:42PM
I also have to express my strong reservations to the rollout of the ads. I'm happy that FMA is still around and I know you have to keep the lights on, but I don't think the ads should touch any artist pages that are NC. I know at least my music, and I'm sure many others', was created in a spirit strictly against crass commercialism, and now with ads all over our pages you're forcing our music to be complicit in endorsing all this garbage. Please let us know if there is any room for compromise, here. It would break my heart to leave, but to be true to myself, I might have to.
4phun on 02/01/19 at 05:19PM
Hi Danny, great news and tons of thanks for the entire team! Question: what plans you have for the API? My music player keeps getting "not found" responses back from FMA. Did the IDs change? I also see that new API keys aren't being issued now. Is the API being phased out completely? Thank you
kbudelis on 02/01/19 at 06:22PM
Cofounder of KitSplit here.

Hi Starfrosch, we're sorry to hear you are leaving. After seeing your comment we immediately adjusted the ads to exclude categories like dating and apologize for that oversight.

Additionally, if you (or anyone reading) would like to stay but would like their URL(s) excluded from advertising you can now let us know here:

We understand that ads on FMA are a big adjustment and not ideal. However, the alternative was FMA shutting down. Ads on FMA help us cover the substantial hosting cost (without fully covering those hosting costs) while keeping the music free and the service alive. This was the spirit in which we introduced them.

In the coming days and weeks, we are going to adjust the ads and placement based on feedback and learnings. We appreciate your feedback while we explore the best way to ensure longterm sustainability of FMA while staying core to its mission.

We welcome additional feedback on the ads as well as other ways to help ensure sustainability of the FMA.
Sandsofa Studios on 02/01/19 at 08:35PM
Hi Christina & Danny,
good that you exclude categories like dating. I'am first see no adds, because my firefox is automatically with adblocker, but then with opera I see the dating adds. I feel also this is not the personal image we musician want to have.
I think also it's better we all have together FMA in the future with some ads ... as we have nothing ... nothing comparable.
I was very sad as I heard FMA will shut down, it was then for me like a miracle that Cheyenne found a way with Kitsplit.
So thank you again that you keep FMA alive and put so much energy in it.
Let stay constructive in contact
... I belive one more that 2019 will be a good year!
... and sorry for my bad english
kbudelis on 02/01/19 at 08:40PM

Thank you so much for your note, it means a lot!

We completely agree that it's better we have FMA carry on with ads than need to shut it down and that there is nothing comparable.

We also agree that dating ads were not right for the site and shut those off immediately upon realizing they were on the site (and apologize for not catching it sooner).

And, we want to continue to work with the community on the best way forward as we balance sustainability and staying true to the FMA's mission. We're open to feedback and we will be evaluating and adjusting the digital ad strategy as we learn more and hear more from the community.
kbudelis on 02/01/19 at 08:48PM
Also wanted to post an update on getting uploads reenabled.

Our developer Brett (who has been with KitSplit for a while and actually used to work at FMA!) has been working on it this week. He initially thought he could finish it by end of this week, but ran into some unexpected technical hurdles. However, we will have uploads re-enabled for curators soon- by the end of next week at the very latest (and likely sooner). We will keep you all updated and let you know as soon as uploads are re-enabled!
podbear on 02/01/19 at 09:06PM
kbudelis FYI the link to the google doc list isn't working. Thanks for your responsiveness!
kbudelis on 02/01/19 at 09:11PM
Ahh! Sorry about that- this link to the google form (to exclude your URL) should work:
kbudelis on 02/01/19 at 09:14PM
And thanks Podington Bear! Also on a personal note - I have a background as a videojournalist /video producer and have used a few of your songs / really love your work!
starfrosch on 02/02/19 at 03:33AM
The main problem still exists. The NC license doesn't allow commercial usage. FMA is now a commercial platform. Ads are always commercial, there's no subtle version of it. It doesn't help to exclude some categories or some single pages. It's now like Youtube, driven by ads, backed by a commercial company. You're breaking the social and legal agreements of the artists and NC license.

I know it's hard to finance a platform and I'd love to see a future for FMA, but you have choosen an illegal path.

I demand to remove all NC licensed music or to remove all ads and I demand to be transparent with the budget.
kbudelis on 02/02/19 at 01:11PM
Hi Starfrosch,

We appreciate your concern, but assure you we have consulted with a lawyer about introducing the ads to ensure the ads would not contradict the licenses. We do not require FMA users to click on any ads to gain access to all or parts of the website, and the ads are there to help with the costs associated with running the site so that people can continue to share their content for free.
starfrosch on 02/02/19 at 04:08PM
Danny, i"d like to know the argumentation of you lawyers. Please explain which part of a commercial is not commercial.
starfrosch on 02/02/19 at 04:11PM
Danny, i"d like to know the argumentation of you lawyers. Please explain which part of a commercial is not commercial. I listen.
ebotts on 02/02/19 at 05:34PM
Thanks so much for keeping the FMA alive! This is such a wonderful resource for me as a podcaster. I saw a couple of folks mention this below, so consider this comment a bump. I've been a bit frustrated at receiving the following error almost every time I run a search or click to the next page of results in an existing search: "The URI you submitted has disallowed characters." Refreshing the page once or twice gets past the error, but it's frustrating. Someone below mentioned that it occurs in both Chrome and explorer. I'll add Firefox to that list as well.
Grazianohmygod on 02/03/19 at 06:29PM
Hi Danny,

Glad to see the FMA keep chuggin' along. Not so concerned about the ads, though I understand why other artists would be. I don't know what the current status of the FMA app is, but the last time I checked it was incredibly frustrating to use. Let us know how we can help with anything.

happypuppyrecords on 02/04/19 at 12:40PM
@kbudelis - hi there, thanks for the google form.

Question about the artists that I've curated - the form only allows one URL to be entered.. how do the other artists that want ads removed from their pages get that done? Can they fill out the form if they've claimed the page, even though I was the one who posted it? Thanks!
anderson22 on 02/04/19 at 07:31PM
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henriquedematos on 02/05/19 at 12:34PM
Ayo, when can we expect a fix on the "The URI you submitted has disallowed characters" thing for the search results? I've been trying to find a workaround it for a while now with no results, it kinda sucks.
eltonfaust on 02/05/19 at 06:06PM
I'm also getting the "The URI you submitted has disallowed characters" error message while trying to search with the api, any plans to fix?
DannyKS on 02/05/19 at 11:30PM
henriquedematos: The bug should be crushed now! Let us know if you're still seeing it.
Jsin on 02/06/19 at 05:30PM
@Dannyks I've been getting emails from people saying that when they search audiobinger, only 26 songs show. The search only shows my albums but not my singles. Only 26 tracks show. I have 72 tracks in total.Another bug?
José Filadelfo on 02/06/19 at 08:02PM
Hello, Danny, and welcome. What is your email? Regards.
José Filadelfo on 02/06/19 at 08:03PM
Hello, Danny, and welcome. What is your email? Regards.
yanterrien on 02/07/19 at 08:45AM
Today, I could upload audio but I could not license tracks. ???
derekclegg on 02/07/19 at 08:53PM
Is everything ok with Brett?
International City Recordings on 02/08/19 at 07:36PM
International City Recordings need the ads removed an ALL our album pages, but the form only allows you to request removal of one.
request for all ads removed from the main page: has been submitted.
how can request be submitted for each individual album page now?
Aidose on 02/11/19 at 03:28PM
Nice Job. Congratulations FMA!
Aidose on 02/11/19 at 03:30PM
Good news FMA!!!
Daniel Birch on 02/12/19 at 11:48AM
Thank you Danny! really appreciate you and your teams hard work.
Lisa Hammer on 02/12/19 at 11:20PM
Thank you!!!!!
DannyKS on 02/18/19 at 04:16PM
Thank you @Aldose, @Daniel Birch, and @Lisa Hammer!
DannyKS on 02/18/19 at 04:17PM
@Jsin Thanks for bringing this to our attention we're looking into this issue.
OkVibez on 02/24/19 at 07:37PM
Thanks alot, i love the update....
Suplimente on 02/27/19 at 10:04AM
Hello, Good news!
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