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...always thought I got no easle neither ears for listening to melodica accordzin'azsk'n'ishoa....the sissy said unwillingly: "listen boy, you'll make it once again in the dowery attic you sought out to live on"//Davidsoftonicum

..."so", me replies, "I don't live in an apartement home building I own as my property, the Castlefarm Birckdunes, ou bien le chateau de Cerfedunes, but I dwell in an attic where I live me understands better aboriginals!" / ad voce liberi 

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on 08/17/2014 at 12:14PM
how to hail in Wrosznky laboraties when you get a misstres in Port Said? ....and I got already one more in Lodz...the dimplin' cowboy once again? That I long for the free Portland Rose which I did favour so ardently, she bleached fully the optic now dr. Age/cliocliniclown?