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Chief on 10/27/2011 at 05:00PM

The Future by The X-Structure

The X-Structure, not waiting for the dust to settle on The Past, brings us the mind-bending, space-tripping, time-travelling epic,

The Future. This album is indeed a trip and really takes you deep into a place of contemplation. As with all of The X-Structure's previous releases this album is a perfect companion to take with on a roadtrip into the remoter parts of where you live and, as they put it, to be the elevator music for your everday adventures in life.

Style: Electronica, Down-tempo, Downbeat

Track listing:

01. Future Vision

02. Remember

03. To Be

04. Fathom

05. First Love (Disco Boogie Love)

06. Faithwalker

07. Dark Night Of The Soul

08. Pray, Always

09. Follow That Star

10. Sinnomore

11. Hypostatic Union

12. The Last Battle

13. Seek Peace

14. Post-Man

15. Pneuma

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