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Artists: Cave Bears

If you have brain damage you will like this.  Click on "Cave Bears" under "Artists" directly above you to get to all the music.

Cave Bears is the withered brainchild of C. Bren & Les Des Gustor.  Many tapes and records have come out, and many more are likely to be released in the future.  Beware of "imitators" attempting to perfom live sets.  These here are all of our tape/cdr/out of print releases, made available for free. (CIRCA 2013: All releases available for free download or stream at  We have a split LP with Id M Theft Able and 33 1/3 rpm 7" single called "Crawl Space", as well as a forthcoming full length LP, "Escape From Ironic Castle", all three released by Feeding Tube Records.