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The non-profit, completely volunteer run BOSTON HASSLE Arts Organization is made up of three parts: the Boston Hassle website/ webzinethe Boston Compass newspaper, and Boston Hassle Shows which organizes and programs live music events and festivals, and actively tries to find new spaces for hosting engaging all ages music and art performances.

BOSTON HASSLE Arts Organization Mission Statement:
Foster an innovative, compelling, and interconnected music, art, and film community in the greater Boston area through grassroots and inclusive participatory culture.

BOSTON HASSLE’s initial goal is to open an all ages, all inclusive music & art performance space to serve as a haven for the wild and weirdly entertaining, the thought provoking, and the forward thinking musicians and artists of the Boston area and their touring brethren. We envision a volunteer run, multi-functional space constantly filled with music and art, and offering workshops to volunteers and community members. We seek partnership with individuals or groups interested in opening an eatery or retail space. If you or someone you know would be interested in helping us with our plan, or interested in partnering with us, please get in touch so that we may share information with you.
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About the BOSTON HASSLE webite:
The Boston Hassle website/webzine is a music/art/film blog, and Boston & surrounding areas (we stand with all of NEW ENGLAND) events guide. There are many, many other music, and art, and film blogs out there, and many other Boston events blogs. We are different because we are interested in serving as a guide to, and never ending quest for underground sounds (American and from everywhere else), film, art, and thangs. Psych, punk, weird, pop, electronic, loud, experimental, and awesome music with one eye looking back and the other forward is what you will find here. Boston happenings, suggestions, and ideas we will spurt. We're also big proponents of all ages music events. High and low brow smashed to pieces and forever mixed together. Boston Hassle is written by many great musicians, artists, writers, and enthusiasts  from the Boston area and well beyond.

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Boston_Hassle on 04/22/2014 at 01:12PM

U.V. PROTECTION's 1st album CONSUMER MATERIAL, a lost Boston underground music treasure from 10 years ago!

UV PROTECTION came out of a scene centered around Mass Art (the public Massachusetts College of Art) that was fostered by show booker/label head/ party thrower, Ben Sisto, himself a Mass Art student. From there the band exploded into the basements and many other odd spaces all over the Boston area. Based primarily out of Somerville, and part of the 440R Collective based just outside of Union Sq., they might possibly have been the most popular band in Boston underground music leading up to and during the time surrounding their 1st album, CONSUMER MATERIAL. They may also be the last Somerville performers to achieve such popularity.

Sisto's label HONEYPUMP RECORDS released the record in 2004. Icy, and shambling synth-pop permeates the thing. LILLIPUT gone new wave rather than punk, or ESG if they'd taken opera lessons and had a large pile of keyboards. Something like that.

At their best this band had packed basements across the city writhing to their bubbling poppy, post-punk. One of the best post-punk bands Boston has seen, these 4 women, 2 synths/ drums/ dancer wearing different costumes for EVERY show (designed by one of the band's 2 singers Karen Tsiakais) should have known wider popularity but it never happened. A second self-released record CLEAN MODERN COMFORTABLE followed 3 years later. Bands spawned of UV's demise include THE SECRET SEA.


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Boston_Hassle on 04/21/2014 at 07:58PM

THE MARTY KINGS - Tunnel Of Love's Andy Macbain Quietly Unleashes Outstanding Solo Record

If ever there was a quintessential garage rock monster of Massachusetts, who haunts and wreaks music havoc on it's denizens across generations, suggesting some type of immortal rock quality about him.. it is Andy Macbain. Boston is lucky to have such a character. Macbains initial fuzzy footprint was left by the humungous chucks of TUNNEL OF LOVE. Ten years ago it was Tunnel Of Love instilling fear in the hearts of young Bostonians, at these those who dared to venture into the basement. In recent past Macbain has been stirring up shit with his trio THE MONSIEURS who (at least for those who don't remember TOL) are IT for nasty garage pop in Boston. But this project? This is a project - The Marty Kings - Macbain's latest solo venutre is a testament to why this guy needs no one. He will always be a monster of gnarly rock and roll glory and you know it'll be true because it won't matter who is around to participate or witness, Macbain will be not be stopped. People need to hear this and if need be, follow the man into hell.



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