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The Boston Hassle is a music blog and Boston events guide. There are many, many other music blogs out there, and many other Boston events blogs. We are different because we are interested in serving as a guide to, and never ending quest for underground sounds, films and things. Psych, punk, weird, pop, electronic, loud, experimental, and awesome music with one eye looking back and the other forward is what you will find here. Also, Psychotronic and art flicks, and comments. Boston happenings, suggestions, and ideas we will spurt. We’re also big proponents of all ages music events. High and low brow smashed to pieces and forever mixed together. Boston Hassle is written by many great musicians and writers from Boston, spearheaded by the Boston Compass and Bodies of Water Shows.

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Boston_Hassle on 11/15/2013 at 04:45AM

Bugs and Rats: Adidas

You know that one great band that always ends up playing with a ton of shitty bar bands? You know when you go out to some dive bar with your friends and there are some crappy metal bands playing the stage, and then all of the sudden one act comes up and is legitimately gnarly, but no one really pays attention because it goes over there heads? For years, this was Bugs and Rats, from Quincy, MA. It’s not a surprising thing when you see Quincy. It’s a small town outside of Boston, not known for any sort of booming music scene. Perhaps it was the lack of music scene that helped Bugs and Rats ooze to fruition.

The boys; Shawnie Brando, Kellzo, and Radek Weirzbowski, started writing and playing music together in 2003. Influenced by the hardcore scene and bands like Godflesh, Nirvana and Eyehategod, the band's early sound was a mix of simple song structures, repetitive hooks and vocals akin to some sort of dog being strangled. The first release, 2004’s Smart as a Whip was (according to Brando) met with little interest from the Quincy bar band and metal 'scene.' Bugs and Rats were not really playing punk, they were not really playing metal, there weren’t really playing rock. It was hard to pin-point what they were doing.

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Boston_Hassle on 10/21/2013 at 04:15AM

The Crater's Often Overlooked Second Album

Wes Kaplan

In 2010, Wes Kaplan released the album Teenage High-School under the name The Craters. A self-proclaimed "100% bedroom project," this album stood it’s ground in the scene for quite some time, now having it’s name dropped in small circles of music enthusiasts (eg. “Yo, do you like The Craters?"). The album showcased a trial and error production style, using a mixture of hand-claps, electronic drum samples, synths, un-plugged electric guitar loops, vocals, and a whole bunch of effects in a minimal manner, displaying Kaplan’s songwriting in as unique a way possible. Right off the bat, Teenage High-School was agreed upon by the few who heard it as a total jam, a very brilliant listen, and at the very least, an extremely unique pop album.

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