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BorrtexOfficial on 10/31/2017 at 11:41AM

I Composed An Album Within 24 Hours!!

Album Cover - Something Special by Borrtex

Have you ever thought of what it must be like to have only 24 hours to compose and publish an entire album? My friend lately challenged me to go and explore myself by writing the whole album including at least 7 tracks within only one day. It sounded pretty crazy at the beginning!!! But then, when I thought of what it might actually mean to me and how I could practically test my skills and creativity, I decided to accept his challenge and get into it!

I started at 10PM on Saturday 28th of October and went straight through the night. I finished the writing process of all the tracks somewhere about 2PM the next day. I took a short sleep and then I had to edit the sound, mix it together and figure out artworks and upload it everywhere etc... The thing is, you can not think about anything too much complex or difficult during the only 24 hours time span, so my choice right away from the beginning was to go simple; with only one piano instrument and sometimes I added a little bit of orchestral background to it. The goal for me was simple: I wanted to make at least 7 tracks that would have a different melodies and be at least one minute long. And even though it was an incredibly mentally troublesome process, eventually I can say that I'm pretty satisfied with the result I accomplished. So, I would like to challenge you. Take a day off and just challenge yourself, challenge your skills, challenge your talent and try to make an album within only 24 hours! Because, what I believe is that every challenge makes you stronger. It moves you forward. It helps you to discover your imperfections and most importanly it helps you to see your standing and what are the things you should work on and get better in. 

I decided to dedicate the album to my niece Emma, who was born just last week. It was an amazing time to see her for the very first time and realize that I'm an uncle from now on. But also I very much enjoyed writing the melodies for her (even when I had only 24 hours to do so!). I'm happy that my brother and his wife can play my melodies to her when she's sleeping. :)

Feel free to check out the album and use the tracks for any kind of non-commercial purpose! And keep in mind, that those melodies were written only in 24 hours! 


Have a rocking week! :)





Sammertime on 11/02/17 at 10:41PM
Really great writing! I hope you continue to write and post.
BorrtexOfficial on 11/03/17 at 07:09AM
Hey Sammertime! Thank you for your comment! I appreciate your feedback and I also hope that you enjoyed my post and my music as well!! :) Have a great weekend, buddy! :)
Monplaisir on 11/03/17 at 12:00PM
Hey Borrtex, I love this kind of challenge ! Your album is pretty sweet to listen, calm and even if made in a short time, it's well composed !
I've done this kind of challenge win and fail at the same time when I've constructed my album Baisers de Sonora (you can find it on FMA). I've released 14 tracks in 2...5 hours. I've done it during the first day of the FAWM (February Album Writing Month, if you don't know, you should really try if like musical challenges) to test my skills to create.
To do it, I've tried to do a musical tribute to a book I love called The Savage Detectives so the thematic helps me to lead the creative process, gave me ideas about characters and places theme...
I finished uploading it at the end of the 24th hour. My room was a real mess with banjo, guitars, mandoline, microphones, jacks, and little percussions everywhere. It was fun !
It was an excellent challenge to do, to learn how to go to the most effective, to see how you know your tools and diy skills.
I've done this challenge again few times this year, it's really fun but exhaustive.
I don't recommend to do it often, it can break old creativity processes and mass production like that gave me some weird guilt feelings on low productions and thoughts like "I could have done quicker and more" and stuff. But maybe it's just my own anxious mind, haha.
Well, great album, Borrtex, take a look at the FAWM challenge if you don't know and maybe see you at FAWM2017 ;)
odonnell on 11/04/17 at 12:29AM
Track 6 is missing at the moment.
yobe on 11/09/17 at 07:28PM
Oh wow. This is great work. Loving this with respect.
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