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BluebirdBlvd: The Chronic Dreamer and Her Dreams

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In my dreams, I am always traveling.   I may visit the vivid metropolis of Porto, Portugal or the tidy green vales of Salem, Portland while I sleep tonight.  Tonight, I may drive a car I've never seen before down to the Rio Grande Valley to greet my friend Phillip at a night pulga covered in paper lanterns dipping in the wind; the vendors call and call to us, hands beckoning.  Tonight, I am talking to Bill in a dingy little coffee place near his apartment in Manhattan.  The fluorescent lights flicker and hum as I hear his voice for the first time.  I have my headphones on tonight; the music spreads wide across oceans flickering, purring. Tonight I am craving sleep— I am running towards sleep with a bag packed, full of beautiful music, and I've got you in mind. Let me go, let me go,  so I may finally arrive to meet you in a dream.*


Attributions and thanks go to: Alexandre Bateiras and the Merzbau Label; Orca Team; Tapes and Tapes, courtesy of radio station KEXP; Broke For Free; Chuzausen and Enough Records; Jermaine Riley and FMA curator FrostClick; Ixtlan and the Breitband radio program; Wild Flag, courtesy of radio station KEXP; Jennifer Avila courtesy of Breitband and the FMA Archive Special Mixes; Kodak To Graph and Band Panda Records; No Monster Club; Pete International Airport and Dead Bees Records; Miss Vybe and ccMixter; and Expwy. As always, thanks so, so much to the staff of the FMA who make all of this a reality. Final thanks and attributions to Wikimedia Commons for the use of the "Cossack Hop Trick" photograph, creator unlabeled.


*This mix is the first in a two-part series.  Go to The Chronic Dreamer Returns for more FMA musical goodness.

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