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BluebirdBlvd: The Chronic Dreamer Returns

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I speak both dream languages— day and night. My ability to drop into a daydream more or less at will allows me to reach for words and ideas that otherwise would be out of reach for my rough, troubled hands. I'm a writer by trade in no large part due to being able to swim underneath the surface of my own thoughts into the murk, to push off from the bottom of my darkest subconscious, to burst into the light dragging up a sack of glistening, uncracked words. And then, only then, do I dive again.*




Attributions and thanks go to: (UPDATED 2014.02.20) Originally this mix had a brand new song from Dott and Graveface Records called "Swoon".  (But it's disappeared! Dang!)  Thank goodness for the truly amazing group Silence Is Sexy and their romantic-yet-wistful pop song "This Ain't Hollywood".  (I love you guys.  Seriously.)  Massive music love goes to chamber pop duo The New Heaven and The New Earth and WFMU's radio show Gateway to Joy with Donna; the utterly fabulous, self-released bliss pop group Souvenir Driver; Andalucía, Spain's (the cradle of Flamenco!) El Niño del Parking courtesy of Oddio Overplay; Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers and their label Bloodshot Records (who can do no wrong, according to my ears); the polished ZOE.LEELA and net label rec72; award-winning musician and conservatory student (Hey! That was awhile ago! Are you finished now?) Antony Raijekov and the wonderful folks of the Creative Commons; OCS and Narnack Records (oh my gosh, your music makes me so happy!); the conceptual and serious Uniform Motion out of France (Bonjour, Monsieurs de l'Uniform Motion! Comment allez-vous?); the wonderful Birds are Indie and MiMi Records (as in "go mimis", you all? Spanish slang for "beddy-bye"?).




Mucho mas love goes to generous musicians Ben Holmes and Patrick Farrell come our way thanks to WFMU's Transpacific Sound Paradise (one of my favorite radio shows of all time!); the great John Bellows also provided great live (recorded) music from another personal favorite WFMU radio show— thank you, Liz Berg. You find such amazing artists! As always, big thanks to the staff of FMA who make this magical place a wonderland of good sound for all of us. Final thanks go to Wikimedia Commons for the use of the rare photograph, "Cossack Wing Trick," creator unknown.




 *Hey!  This is the second mix in a series.  Please click the following link for part one:  The Chronic Dreamer and Her Dreams.

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