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Who are you people, anyway?

Black Lantern Music is a netlabel offering DRM-free, high quality mp3s free of charge, and also some paid for releases. As independent musicians, we are beholden to nobody – we make and release exactly the kinds of music we want to hear.

How can I stay up to date with your latest releases?

Glad you asked. Follow us on Twitter: add @blacklanterns now. Each new release is also added to the RSS Feed over at our sister site, Weaponizer.

What do you want from me, exactly?

If you want to support Black Lantern artists, come and see us at one of our live shows, or book us to play in your town. There’s also a donate button on the site – please feel free to pay us whatever you think our music is worth! The best thing you can do for us if you like the cut of our jib is to tell your friends about us – tweet, blog, email and update buttons are on each page of the site. Use them! Spread the word!

Do you want some of my music?

Yes, if it seems to you like it is the kind of thing we would enjoy! We release everything under Creative Commons licenses – so make sure you are OK with that before you send us your tracks.

Email us at for more information.

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Black_Lantern_Music on 04/15/2016 at 02:52PM


Photo credit: Fiona McKinlay / TBreak

When CHURCH OF WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN were, by some strange twist of fate, selected to play at T In The Park—Scotland's largest outdoor music festival,normally dominated by twee-indie-rock or techno tents—there was an outcry over the name. Not from outraged Christian fundamentalists or anything so exciting like that, but just from your average, 'normal' music fans. Many tweets proclaimed it the worst band name they've ever heard; The Sun newspaper couldn't understand why they we're called something more sensible; people wanted band names to be proper nouns: The Something, The Name, The Bla Bla Blas. People want things to be simple, to be the same as everything else; for things to be boring. Maybe it is a silly name, but so what? In the word's of Heath Ledger's lip-licking Clown Prince of Crime, “why so serious?”

But more importantly, the name fits perfectly

By no means Black Lantern Music's weirdest band, COWTSHTF are certainly the one band that best straddle the weirder, more experimental elements of the label with the hippiest-hoppiest sunshine rap bounce that the label also releases.

With lyrical concerns that touch upon sci-fi, surrealism, tentacles and the all-pervasive imminent threat of total apocalyptic annihilation ('when the shit hits the fan' is used as a byword by preppers for total societal collapse), and classic electro beats that draw upon reggae, boom-bap, funk, and David Lynchian-soundscapes, COWTSHTF are the end of the world as viewed through the lens of 90s-era Saturday morning cartoons. Pow! Zap! Boom! They are their own genre: DOOMCRUNK.

I can think of no other band that will touch upon lounge jazz covers of Slayer and double time rapping in such close proximity. Maybe if Dr Octagon and Mr Bungle had a baby and dropped it on its head....

Formed by two of Black Lantern's founding members—rapper HQ also spits with grotesque glitch death-rap titans Sileni, and Asthmatic Astronaut is the ubiquitous producer with over 80,000 downloads on FMA alone—that together perfectly encapsulated not just what Black Lantern Music, but also a strand of experimental hip-hop that is simultaneously unique and steeped in tradition.

Between 2010 and 2013, they released three EPs and one spectacular music video to much critical acclaim.

Now, all of their songs, both from those EPs and from other collaborations or offcuts, they release REPROGRAMMED, a monstrous remix album that elevates their songs to a new level.

Featuring new interpretations that cross genres and sensibilities—including, but not limited to techno, goth-misery, boom-bap, math rock, and dubstep—REPROGRAMMED is at once a loving tribute to this unique power-duo, but also the perfect place to get acquainted.

Get your voodoo on....






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Black_Lantern_Music on 02/09/2015 at 11:08AM

Black Lantern Clan: SJ Mellia

Introducing SJ Mellia, an Edinburgh-based hip-hop, electro and techno producer with nearly two decades of production experience under his belt. To celebrate some brilliant responses from the FMA faithful to his releases with Black Lantern Music over the past few years, SJ is putting up 3 albums of back catalogue material on the site, exclusively for FMA listeners.

The first one The Predictable Split and I Pointed My Rhinophore Toward, are out now. The last to be uploaded, Neurotic Boy Outsider, will be up in a week's time.. Here's an introduction to the man, his music, and his method. Look out for more exclusive SJ Mellia tracks on the forthcoming compilation BLM100: BLM IS DEAD, the label's landmark 100th release.

Hi SJ. So, how long have you been making music, and under what aliases?
I’ve been making music for about 18 years now under a number of aliases – NBO75 for solo stuff and under the guise of Zucotic for any collaborative projects and bands. Bands I have been involved with... those were The Idiot Savants, Static Movements and MELLIA, the later being myself and my son who was 7 at the time!


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