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Who are you people, anyway?

Black Lantern Music is a netlabel offering DRM-free, high quality mp3s free of charge, and also some paid for releases. As independent musicians, we are beholden to nobody – we make and release exactly the kinds of music we want to hear.

How can I stay up to date with your latest releases?

Glad you asked. Follow us on Twitter: add @blacklanterns now. Each new release is also added to the RSS Feed over at our sister site, Weaponizer.

What do you want from me, exactly?

If you want to support Black Lantern artists, come and see us at one of our live shows, or book us to play in your town. There’s also a donate button on the site – please feel free to pay us whatever you think our music is worth! The best thing you can do for us if you like the cut of our jib is to tell your friends about us – tweet, blog, email and update buttons are on each page of the site. Use them! Spread the word!

Do you want some of my music?

Yes, if it seems to you like it is the kind of thing we would enjoy! We release everything under Creative Commons licenses – so make sure you are OK with that before you send us your tracks.

Email us at for more information.