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Rotor Perdition, Future Islands, Chocolate Chips, Nymph, Dirty Beaches, Mira Cook, Stacian, Atlas Sound, New Waver, Meth Teeth, Gunslingers, Sultan, Kris Keogh, Learning Music, Hanetration, Glass Boy, Mayyors, Quitty & The Don'ts, BEKO Digital Singles Label, The Tom & Marty Band, Lemon Dots, Ducktails, Terror Bird, Eola, Henry Hynes, CAVE, Bird Names, Los Llamarada, Readymen, The Dreams, Henry Homesweet, BLOODHUFF, Big Blood, Various Artists [Blackburn Recordings], Various Artists, The Paparazzi, Fine Steps, Double Dagger, Afrika Pseudobruitismus, Las Robertas, Deerhunter, Spirit Kid, memotone, CSC Funk Band, yves son ace, Kites Sail High, Maps And Diagrams, Toro y Moi, Akron/Family, Two Prong, Tonstartssbandht, PERSONA LA AVE, Single Bullet Theory, Smersh, Ben Varian, Indian Jewelry, Silk Flowers, Wheels on Fire, Ex Cops, EARTH-ENEMY, Big Troubles, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Long Hair, The Men, Derek Rogers, I, Cactus, Charles Albright, Wilted Woman, Exteenager, Funk Police, Phemale, Robedoor, Angels in America, Philadelphia, Thee Knaves, voyageurs, Beat Culture, The Agrarians, Karen Cooper Complex, Raw Thrills, Reid Voltus, Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands, Regina Carter, Grand Trine, Half Japanese, Homemade-LoFi-Psych, Dan Melchior und Das Menace, Pak, Charles Atlas, Blank Realm, Gel, Crash Normal, Delicate Steve, Moon Duo, The Pink Noise, Le Chevalier, Bare Wires, Atlantic Thrills, The Endtables, Miró Belle, Apache Dropout, Various Artists [Artifacts/yclept], Utopia, Ohio, Computer Magic, Cleaners From Venus, Mil Mascaras, Ba Babes, Wooden Shjips, Jad Fair, The Psychic Paramount, Harmony Molina, Mujeres, Strange Forces, Night Control, Sycamore Drive, ghostandthesong, Duchess of Saigon, El Jesus De Magico, Dungeon Broads, Pierced Arrows, Delmore fx, Amen Dunes, Catholic Spray, Allison + 1, Monoshock, Sun Araw, Dan Melchior, AMANDA, Hank and Pigeon, Marissa Nadler, Snake Apartment, The Whines, New Weird Australia, Intelligence, The Vampire Cows, Bitbasic, Human Resources, Regal Degal, Home Blitz, Born Loose, Thee Oh Sees, IDES, Thick Business, Twin Stumps, Beko Digital Single Label, X-Breed, Fabulous Diamonds, Dustin Wong, The Electric Mess, Batfinks, Stems, Guinea Worms, The Unholy Two, Liquor Store

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