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BTurner on 07/16/2013 at 02:30PM

Mudhoney: Celebrating 25 Years Live on WFMU

Mudhoney in the WFMU parking lot

When WFMU broadcast Mudhoney live from ATP a few years ago, it was fully obvious that their instrumental power and Mark Arm's inimitable yowl were still very much in full force. Even more so at last year's Primavera broadcast (where they followed up after their set by bumrushing and taking over the WFMU fairway tent!). Twenty-five years down the line Mudhoney still have the bottles and bodies flying, soaking up a past and continuing to deliver the one-two riffage even as bands they influenced have vanished and reunited at half mast.

In celebration of both Sub Pop and Mudhoney's respective 25th anniversaries, they stop by WFMU's Brian Turner's show to rock faces off with a few live songs from their brand new full-length (their ninth!) "Vanishing Point."

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BTurner on 03/16/2012 at 01:50PM

WFMU live from Beerland, Austin TX Sat 3/17

Web_Poxer_oneWFMU returns to Austin Saturday night for it's showcase, this time an event independent of the SXSW Festival at the great Beerland, 711 Red River. It's a 6-band blowout featuring The Wedding Present, The Men, Xray Eyeballs, Electric Jellyfish, Death of Samantha and Supreme Dicks! Liz Berg, Jason Sigal, Brian Turner will be broadcasting the sets live over WFMU-FM and starting 8pm central/9 PM Eastern. $10 door entry, no SXSW badges or wristbands accepted. All proceeds to the bands. Special commemorative posters designed by Nevada Hill will be available at the show.

Lineup (Times Central):

8PM: Electric Jellyfish: Straight outta Melbourne: "Electric Jellyfish carry the torch along with Eddy Current Suppression Ring lighting the way to a legendary story of distinctive rock 'n roll beginning with bands such as Radio Birdman, The Saints, X, the Birthday Party, feedtime, etc. Their sound is on par with The Wipers in their heyday...such daring emotional vulnerability, yet it's psych/punk that's sonically full-fledged, solid, walloping, and (to quote Monoshock) 'philosophically Stoogely'".(Rick Ele)

 9PM: The Wedding Present: The first band to play a WFMU show to have had 18 top 40 singles in the UK!

Death_of_samantha10PM: Death of Samantha: Full on reunion show by Cleveland post-punk/indie godfather legends! DoS tore through the late 80's early 90s and gave birth to Cobra Verde (which included members John Petkovic and Doug Gillard, who also spent time in Guided By Voices); Petkovic also was a member of Sweet Apple with J Mascis, Gillard made records with the great Gem, solo, and nowadays plays in Bambi Kino and Nada Surf. Drummer Steve-O was an Elvis impersonator in Memphis for a while. This is gonna rule.

11PM: Supreme Dicks: Uber-rare out-of-New England show by these reclusive woodsy Massachussetts psychedelicists! Their official recordings ceased in the mid 1990's, but have popped up live around their locale through the years, now lured to Texas on WFMU's special invite to which we are extremely grateful. The Dicks are also subject of a well overdue recent anthology on Jagjaguwar, a 4CD complete history called Breathing and Not Breathing.

12M: Xray Eyeballs: NYC new wave dance party faves, started up by OJ from Golden Triangle. Equal parts Jay Reatard and the Urinals, described by our own Liz Berg (who had them live on her show): "fuzzy, over modulated garage pop at a languid trot.”

Themen-01861AM: The Men: (photo left: Ryan Muir) Raucous four-piece post-punk combo out of Brooklyn who've cobbled together a pile of not-so-pounding influences (drone, Krautock, pop) and sets them into car-crash mode. Howling guitars, rocked-up Suicide references, this could be the great crossover Amphetamine Reptile spacerock band if they were around circa 1989. Seriously driving punk rock with intricate, layered structures amidst the raw power. Played live on Brian Turner's show in 2011 (issued as a tour CD), and have a new album out Open Your Heart on Sacred Bones. Perfect way to tear up the evening's finale!

Past WFMU Austin events [2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011] have included: Sun Araw, Kurt Vile, Half Japanese, Mayyors, Los Llamarada, Harvey Milk, Pierced Arrows, Dengue Fever, Cheveu, Kelley Stoltz, Whitehorse, Hank IV, Evangelista, Major Stars, Iron Man, Absu, Woven Hand, Gary War, XYX, Shit & Shine, Gunslingers, Home Blitz, Todd, Moon Duo, the Renderers, Sonny & the Sunsets, El-G, Amen Dunes, the Homosexuals, Lexie Mountain Boys, Psychedelic Horseshit, Gary Higgins, Paul Metzger, The Bad Trips, Citay, the Endtables, Obits, Slough Feg, Elm, Prizehog, Speedwolf, Prizehog, Epileptinomicon, Headdress, and True Widow. So you know it's gonna be a stellar night in 2012! Stop by, grab a poster, dance the night away with WFMU.

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BTurner on 08/15/2011 at 11:10AM

Psychic Paramount live at WFMU (MP3)

PP300dpi-Optimized Hard to believe Psychic Paramount have been around for ten years already, coming up out of the ashes of the late great Laddio Bolocko. Both on record and live, PP swerve between brutality and bliss: layers of textural distorto guitar action and color, throttling, mathy percussive pummel recalling great moments of This Heat gone into total in-the-red Japanese psych mode. Add Robert Fripp-like loops building and dismantling the songs themselves in bulldozer style, and you've got the makings of one killer progressive rock unit. This month's session on my radio show blasted into orbit at the moment of start-up; guitarist Drew St. Ivany matched the propulsive intensity of bassist Ben Armstrong and drummer Jeff Conaway with figures reminiscent of Achim Reichel, heavy repetition segueing into burnt intermission of collapsing rhythms, eerie space and then finally climbing upwards into another frenetic movement to close off the 30 minute set. St. Ivany tweaked the post-session mix, it's a scorcher! Thanks to the band, Mike from No Quarter and Ernie Indridat and Ruaraidh Sanachan for the engineering.

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psychic paramount
BTurner on 07/10/2011 at 05:31PM

Milk Music: Pacific Northwest Fuzz Rock live at WFMU (mp3s)

DimilkRecent guests on Brian Turner's show: hailing from Olympia, Washington, Milk Music are a killer electric rock trio that conjure up the downstroke punk attack of Greg Ginn with the pop hooks and Bigmuff stylings of Greg Sage & the Wipers (who are clearly a spirit looming large over the Northwest USA these days). Liberal doses of early Dinosaur and Thin Lizzy floating around as well in this, the band's first ever radio session. No-nonsense, simple, buzzed-up American rock for your downloading/listening pleasure.

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BTurner on 06/29/2011 at 09:45PM

Teenage Danish Punks Ice Age at WFMU (MP3's)

Ice Age live at WFMU

This Copenhagen quartet averaged age 17 when composing their debut LP "New Brigade." Dais Records did the 1st pressing stateside, and it's newly reissued on What's Your Rupture who describe the release as "uncontrived, pure – this record is a youthful assault of downer no-wave hardcore, wise beyond it’s years."

Indeed, there's a fresh breath of air in this mix of Pink Flag/Wire-style compact energy and '81 downtown NYC guitar nods (not to mention the frosty flurry of Darkthrone at times) but Ice Age's average 2-minute jams overflow with a very original approach to youthful aggro-rock that has already won them a legion of stateside fans.

Ice Age's live set on my radio show was a no-nonsense 25 minute blast during a slew of big NYC gigs that week with the likes of Fucked Up, Prurient, Cult of Youth and others. They return to the states for more shows July 15-August 21 (listed here). More info at their blog.

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BTurner on 02/14/2011 at 11:57AM

WFMU & Free Music Archive at SXSW March 18th

Halfjap (pictured left: Half Japanese's Fair brothers sorting out a lift to Torchy's after the show) Friday, March 18th: we return again to the State To Which Not To Mess for another sauce-slathered evening of curated live music at the SXSW festival in Austin! For the 4th year in a row, WFMU will be broadcasting full sets live from Barbarella (formerly Encore, formerly Spiro's) at 615 Red River in the heart of downtown Austin. We couldn't be more stoked about the variety of sounds this year: Amen Dunes, él-g, Sun Araw, The Endtables, Whitehorse! We do have one act we're not allowed to announce until the day before the show (sorry), because of some contractual booking-type biz, but we will say that he/she/they are big WFMU faves and you won't be sorry if you turn up! Trust us! We're psyched for the show, though we are missing our pals from Aquarius Records this year (they co-curated our 2009 and 2010 shows), but this year WFMU teams up (naturally) with the Free Music Archive for 2011.

If you've tuned in or travelled down to check out the past FMU shows, you've had the chance to witness some amazing performances ofrom the likes of Half Japanese, Dengue Fever, Gunslingers, Mayyors, Pierced Arrows, Los Llamarada, Carla Bozulich, Harvey Milk, Drunkdriver, Shit & Shine, Absu, Kelley Stoltz, Moon Duo, the Homosexuals, Woven Hand, Iron Man, and many others.This year's show starts at 8PM on the dot Austin time (broadcasting 9PM NYC time on WFMU). Liz Berg, Ken Freedman, Brian Turner, Diane Kamikaze and Jason Sigal will all be manning the FMU helm -- come by and say hi! Here's some more info on the lineup:

8PM: Amen Dunes
Amen Dunes - Dia"Amen Dunes has pretty well got all the acid folk & psychedelic rock angles covered," Scott Williams wrote on the occasion of this this 2009 live session, "and whether or not the name puns on 'Amon Duul', the Krautrock connection is clear." Amen Dunes first popped up on our radar via the Locust release Dia, recorded while main dune Damon McMahan was living near the Temple of Earth in North-Central Beijing. He has since returned to NY, the city whose Sacred Bones label issued 2010's Murder Dull Mind 12'' EP. Here's an mp3 off that EP -- Diane -- originally posted as part of Taraka Larson's Amen Dunes feature.

9PM: él-g
Capitaine Présent # 5 ( One-Sided LP - 2009 - Nashazphone Laurent Gerard is a Frenchman now redeposited on a rooftop studio sanctuary overlooking Brussels, and in the years since he sent his mysterious CDRs to WFMU has grown into a fave around these parts. A freeform hybrid of Franco-folk/experimentalism (akin to some of the Brigitte Fontaine/Areski outings), Residents zonked atmosphere, the woodsy vibeage of Matt Valentine and the Finnish freakfolk crew, dosed with Beefheart sidestep. His My Space page also drops references to Phew, Jessica Rylan, and Bobb Trimble. Releases on KRAAK, S-S, Le Vilain Chien and other fine labels put in the proof, él-g has also worked within units like Opéra Mort and Reines D´Angleterre (the latter including experimental great Ghédalia Tazartès).

10PM: Sun Araw
BEACHHEAD Son of Austin Cameron Stallones has spent recent years soaking up the coastal vibes of Long Beach CA. While on guitar duty for Not Not Fun psych-jammers Magic Lantern (and as a late member of Pocahaunted), Sun Araw began as an outlet for Stallones' solo tapestries, dubbed-out loops and re-zoned 60s/70s psychedelia (he's been known to cover Neil Young). Now four LPs deep, Sun Araw is showing no signs of slowing down with a new studio space / imprint "Sun Ark." Last year, Woodsist released Off Duty / Boat Trip, while Not Not Fun released the 2xLP On Patrol. Check out "Deep Cover" from the latter below, and also check out the stellar music video. Sun Araw's Free Music Archive profile plays host to more promo mp3s, including live performances from L.A.'s dublab and Amsterdam's OCII club, offering a taste of what's in store for SXSW 2011.

11PM: The Endtables

Endtables Holy hell! First show in 25 years from these Louisville punk legends, and the Drag City compilation of their EP/singles/live stuff from '79 came out a couple years ago and was #1 on FMU's heavy airplay list (as was the Bold Beginning comp, which retraced the steps of the Kentucky punk/new wave scene the Endtables shared with the likes of Babylon Dance Band, No Fun, Blinders, and Malignant Growth. "Trick Or Treat" is as historically important as "Nervous Breakdown" without question, the Endtables neatly sewed together detached art-punk, DIY aesthetic and Radio Birdman/Stooges buzzsawing.

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BTurner on 11/21/2010 at 01:00PM

The Scientists live at ATP-2010

The_scientists This past September WFMU traipsed up to Kutshers Resort in Monticello, New York for a third yearly broadcast of the grand All Tomorrow's Parties, and we were especially excited to be plugging in the recorders Friday night as we'd landed permission from Kim Salmon to broadcast and archive the legendary Scientists! Starting off as a Perth-based punk band of the 70s, a move to Sydney in the 80's (and eventually London) found the Scientists morphing into one of the best Australian bands of all time. Like kindred spirits the Gun Club, and fellow countrymen the Birthday Party, Salmon and company defined blooze-ooze and gutter dwelling while equally purveying a lofty sense of style and poetry; their timeless nature easily defined by putting on a platter like Blood Red River (played in its entirety this night), or seeing their image floating around the DNA of later bands like Mudhoney, Chrome Cranks, Blues Explosion and many more. At ATP, we heard rumors of minimal (or no) rehearsal, but from the first scrape of "Set It On Fire" the timespan seemed nonexistent and Salmon's yowl no less bone-rattling. Take a dig via the Free Music Archive, where you can check out more archived sets from WFMU's 2008, 2009 and 2010 broadcasts. You can also check the WFMU site and stream of some of the non-downloadable sets we aired from this year here, including Hallogallo, Sonic Youth, Mudhoney and White Hills.

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BTurner on 11/03/2010 at 08:00PM

Legendary Pink Dots live on WFMU (MP3's)

Kaspel Formed in London in 1980 by mainstays Edward Ka-Spel and Philip Knight and relocated to Amsterdam in 1984, the Legendary Pink Dots have created a massive discography of over 40 LPs, not counting the many Ka-Spel solo outings. On the latest, Seconds Late For the Brighton Line (ROIR) they continue their enduring, abstract, psychedelicized vision that has landed them as somewhat spiritual kin to the likes of Nurse With Wound and Current 93: dark, keyboard-inflected pop, Kraut-informed electronics, acidy industrial soundscapes all meld with Ka-Spel's unique lyrical and vocal stamp. They stopped by WFMU's studios to play on my show and also played live at Le Poisson Rouge in New York on October 29th and Irving Plaza on Halloween. The Dots continue south then west, check out the 30th Anniversary tour dates here. The lineup today: Edward Ka-Spel, the Silverman, Erik Drost, engineering Raymond Steeg. For more info on the LPD's see their site, also find their music at outlets like Soileilmoon, Beta-Lactam Ring, and ROIR. Thanks to Flloyd for the Dots-personalized baked goods and photo from the FMU visit!

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legendary pink dots
BTurner on 10/13/2010 at 10:33PM

Wolf Eyes with Richard Pinhas live on WFMU (MP3's)

61547_455509513816_665493816_4943198_7054642_n WFMU_WOLFEYES_RP_09-30-2010_42 Richard Pinhas has long been regarded as one of France's seminal experimental composers and musicians. His 1970's combo Heldon were severe competition for the Krautock first string, and his continual forays into electronic and progressive sounds were highlighted by his Robert Fripp-like approaches to guitar. Over the years Pinhas has produced excellent solo material, influencing many in the '80s new wave and ambient worlds. This past week Pinhas played electric guitar on Brian Turner's show sitting in with Michigan's legendary Wolf Eyes, who know a thing or two about outer explorations, and the results were a prog-o-delicized journey through a sound junkyard both menacing and beautiful. As an added bonus, Wolf Eyes featured Aaron Dilloway who's been on the bench for a few years, kicking out the jams in the WFMU studios with bandmates John Olson and Mike Connelly. (library photo John Olson, performance pic Lou Calderola). Video should be forthcoming down the pike soon as well.

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BTurner on 09/24/2010 at 09:00AM

2 Foot Flame in the WFMU Studio, 1997

17673617 M_2a336505fc1142f2b600894f0ab7af71 2 Foot Flame was a mid-90's project featuring Jean Smith (Mecca Normal) with New Zealanders Michael Morley (Dead C/Gate/Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos) and Peter Jefferies (This Kind of Punishment/Noctural Projections). As can be expected, it was intense music coming from three intense individuals; Smith's rough/piercing vocal tones now being matched by Morley's alien soundscapes and Jefferies' brooding keyboards/drums to great dynamic effect.

Live on the Stork Club in 1997, the group appeared as just Peter and Jean, with Jefferies doubling up on simultaneous keyboards and drums in terse, primitive 4/4 pound, Smith taking an open-tuned electric guitar and playing noisy slide action ala Lydia Lunch/Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. "Pipeline to Vertigo" highlites some distorted, thumping morse-code transmissions with Jefferies equally-inimitable voice looming menacingly overhead, he slips in his own "Elevator Madness" and a killer take on the Spacemen 3 classic "Come Down Easy". I think Jean told me there was talk at one time of this Stork Club visit coming out as a proper release, but she also seemed to think I was more of a fan of this particlar session than anyone else. Listening back 13 years later it still sounds incredible.

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