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Spearheading my exciting foray on the music scene by working on my very first markedly different album as an independent pianist. By collaborating with creative thinkers & using what I've learned along the way, I aim to broaden my songwriting abilities and create offbeat, imaginative tracks that challenge your tastes. Ultimately, I hope you can find a song here that resonates with you. Please enjoy my page and stay tuned for great things ahead!

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ArtofEscapism on 06/22/2017 at 06:14PM

1st official release for M.A.M. ~ October 1st!

Hello & thanks for checking out my first ever blog entry. I've been working on a vocal album for the past several months and, recently, the project has finally started to find its musical footing. Combining influence from my former conlang, "Fhair", and inspiration from Gaelic languages & Old English dialects, I developed a much more intricate and exclusive language that feels cohesive with my library of vocal synthesizers. During a recording session, my true passion becomes the assimilation and eventual composition of the vastly dissimilar worlds of harmony and dissonance. I plan to release, at least, 1 or 2 tracks intermittently and hope some of you will give both my old and new songs a listen and honest evaluation. My style should continue to change as I grow into a better musician and I want to continue to make some songs for all of your various projects as long as this site exists. So long as I can slam on a piano and make something angry sound like something done on purpose, I plan to continue on until I'm fresh out of ideas. Thanks for reading my psycho babble, be sure to keep your eyes pealed for the album & until then, fly high. 

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