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AppleBerry_Blues on 10/10/2016 at 05:56AM

Top 10 Birthday Songs

It’s October 10, 2016 and it’s been almost 4 years since the Free Music Archive birthday song contest.  I’ve been using this database of birthday songs for the past 2 months and was wondering which ones are the most popular birthday songs.  So this evening, I opened up an excel sheet and recorded the number of downloads of each song.  So here’s the top 10 list of the most downloaded birthday songs on the Free Music Archive website as of October 2016:

#1) Monk Turner + Fascinoma - It's Your Birthday! (00:36)                                                    

#2) sorin urzica - Happy Birthday to You - Special Song (00:39)                                 

#3) The Blank Tapes - It's Your Birthday! (00:52)                                                       

#4) Kevin Lax - Happy Birthday (00:21)                                                         

#5) Monk Turner + Fascinoma - It's Your Birthday! (Instrumental Version) (00:36)

#6) Bob Barta - An Alternative Birthday Song (00:21)                                                 

#7) Guillaume Tucker - Many Happy Returns (01:42)                                                  

#8) Monk Turner + Fascinoma - Piano Version, in B (00:36)               

#9) Michael Lynch - Happy And Wonderful Birthday To (Name Goes Here) (00:38)

#10) Beat von Stein - Happy Happy Happy Birthday (00:14)   

All 10 of the above songs were downloaded 28K to 918Ktimes.  The drawbacks I found to determining the top 10 birthday songs based on total number of downloads was:

A) Almost all of the top 10 downloaded songs appear near the top of the list of the 140 songs.  For example, 8 of the most 10 downloaded songs appear within the top 12 songs of the list)

B) There was sometime a huge gap between the number of people who listened to a song and the number that downloaded it.  For example one song that made the top 10 downloaded list was only downloaded by 29% of the people who listened to it.

C)  Few people listened to all 140 birthday songs on the list.  For example, the first 10 songs were listened to a combined 1.2 million times and the last 10 songs on the list were listened to only 160K times! In my view, being on the top of the list is equivalent to having a huge advertising budget to promote your song  or belonging to a major record label. More people have a chance of hearing your song, so more people are likely to download or buy it.    

Due to the above drawbacks I decided to look more closely at the data and I noticed that in addition to total downloads, there was a category for listens.  So I took the total downloads and divided by the total listens to determine what percentage of people who listened to the song went on to download it. 


Therefore the new Top 10 birthday songs based on the highest percentage of listeners downloading the song are:

#1) 01. Monk Turner + Fascinoma - It's Your Birthday! (00:36)                                  

#2) Matthew Florence - Celebrate Your Birthday! (00:15)                               

#3) Richard There - Keep Going (00:41)                                 

#4) sorin urzica - Happy Birthday to You - Special Song (00:39)                                 

#5) Daiske - Hey Daddy (02:47)                                 

#6) Moona Luna - Beautiful Birthday (02:51)                           

#7) Chris Trapper - Birthday Song (04:38)                              

#8) Tony Angeles - Today Is Your Birthday (01:06)                            

#9) Alexander Kläser - Happy Birthday (02:13)                                   

#10) Daniel C. Smith - Hey Hey Hey Happy Birthday (01:25)-TIED                            

#10) Folifola - It's Your Day-SP (00:24) -TIED          

So if you didn’t have time to go through the whole birthday song list (all 140 songs), this last top 10 list based on percentages shows the gems that were sometimes over looked by being near the bottom of the list but were downloaded by over 74% of people who listened to the songs.                                                 

By comparing both of my top 10  lists I found that only 2 songs appeared on both lists.

- Monk Turner + Fascinoma - It's Your Birthday! (00:36) and                                     

- sorin urzica - Happy Birthday to You - Special Song (00:39)

And a special shout out goes to sorin urzica, who was not a birthday song contest winner (and appeared around slot 29 of the 140 birthday songs) but is well on his/her way to being the second most popular song from this birthday song contest. Based on total downloads, it’s already the 2nd most popular song and based on percentage of people who downloaded the song after listening to it, it’s #4. A link to sorin’s birthday song is located here:


So let me know:

i) Which top 10 list do you think is more represetative of the actual Top 10 birthday songs

ii) If you came up with a different Top 10 list of these birthday songs and how you came up with your Top 10.

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AppleBerry_Blues on 08/30/2016 at 02:08AM

Unique Birthday Songs

You’re probably aware that the Free Music Archive (FMA) has a large repository of free birthday songs.  Over the past month, I’ve been going through the repository in search of unique birthday songs to make youtube videos for.  The top 3 most unique birthday songs, I made videos for this month are:

1. Foul Mouthed Birthday Robot by A-1 Mr. Son

Video Link:

2. Happy Birthday, It's Your Day! by BrokeMC

Video Link:

3. Swine Flu Birthday by The Mostly Bad Virus

Video Links:

All the above songs were obtained from the FMA Birthday Song repository.  The entire birthday song repository is licensed Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0) which means you can share or adapt the song, use it for any purpose even commercial but you must give attribution. The CC BY 3.0 information link is here:

The FMA Birthday Song repository is located here:

So the next time it’s a friend’s birthday.  Check out the FMA Birthday Song Archive or my youtube channel to find a song (or video) to send a friend.  My youtube channel can be found here:


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