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Andr_D on 06/09/2013 at 08:16AM

Art brut

Album released by Pan y rosas discos (Chicago, U.S.A). pyr083 art brut  

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Jean Dubuffet characterized art brut as:

"pure and authentic creative impulses – where the worries of competition, acclaim and social promotion do not interfere."

of which this trio is a shining example – no artistic or philosophical concept, just three raw improvisations by self-taught musicians. art brut’s music evokes the conversations of early humans. both their playing and their sound is free, intense and intuitive. a primal scream. a sound manifesto in which futile society’s game and fallacious parade are banished.

tracklist 01. everything is politics 02. interjection 03. the ballad of a primitive thought

Frank Wilke – trumpet André D. – bass Vasco Ribeiro Morais – percussions, voices

recorded in Portugal, Germany & France. 2013.

artwork by Julien Greffe



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