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Komiku - "Un désert" (04:05)
Komiku - "Un désert" (04:05)

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Alpha_Hydrae on 05/05/2018 at 01:09PM

A Tape Full of Mistakes, Dusty Love

Picture by The Hathaway Family Plot

Hello !

We are proud to announce you the release of Dusts, first album created by the collaboration of The Hathaway Family Plot and Monplaisir.

This album is made with collage of sounds, a lot of toys, some guitars found on the street, some cool feedback, some computers, instruments that don't existe and don't have names, in a relatively short amount of time and a distance of 3700 miles. (Thank you Internet)

It was a really great experimentation, made possible by this wonderful website : Free Music Archive.

So thanks a lot Free Music Archive.


Have a great listen,

A Tape Full of Mistakes

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Alpha_Hydrae on 02/16/2018 at 04:51AM

New Cuicuitte album ! L'Antéville.

Hi, it's Monplaisir,

I'm really glad to present to you the new Cuicuitte album called "L'Anteville".

It was a long run, a home made album we've worked with my friend Otite Noire during more than a year. We didn't know what we wanted to do as a genre of music (and we still don't know how to qualify what we do- if you have a word, tell us !) and we ended in this cute and naive noisy folky acoustic music.

I really hope you will like it ! Don't hesitate to comment what you think about it !




To support us on bandcamp

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Sandsofa Studios
on 11/14/2018 at 10:19PM
Thank you for your quick response, so the same organisation also stolen your music. It makes me very sad that they making big business by crawling our free music. Our fans and customers became advertising on their videos on youtube and they get the money for it. Lets stay in contact. Here is my mail Today on two songs I remarkt over youtube that they catch it, they easy say no I've wrong and youtube informed me that me channel could be blocked if they not accept my copyright. Please tell me if you get your songs free from them. Heartful greetings from musician to musician Lobo
Sandsofa Studios
on 11/14/2018 at 08:09PM
Hi Monplaisir, I don't wanna post maybe another bad news, but I have to know if you made similar expiriences on Youtube. Last week I loaded some of my music up to youtube. Then there came a message that another has the copyright to some of my songs. The name of this organisation is "RouteNote". They monetized it, and became money from advertising from all who used my music on youtube. Now I'am try to become my songs free from this illegal stolen rights. I have the strong suspicion that I'am not alone. I come to know, that much have similar expieriences, ... and that this are bot's, I think they scanned over FMA and catch music. We have together go against this rights theft. Or what is your expierience, did someone know RouteNote? sadly greetings Lobo
Nul Tiel
on 11/09/2018 at 05:51PM
Please find all future releases on Nul Tiel Records here: